Tian Yu: Tang Wei’s former boyfriend, more than ten years lukewarm, finally hit the red after shen Teng

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Recently, the movie Miracle Stupid Kid, starring Jackson Yi, is hitting cinemas.While lamenting that his acting skills are getting better and better and his future as an actor is promising, we also noticed that this movie seems to have many acquaintances.For example, Liang Yongcheng, who treats Jackson Yi’s Character Jing Ho as his son in the movie, is sure that most of the audience will see him and say, “How can Wang Qinian be you?””Why are you Teacher Wang?””How come Gollex is you?”The list goes on and on.That’s the “pain” of being a good actor. Audiences always remember what you were, but often forget who you are.The above three names, are Tian Yu in recent years, in the film and television plays the role, respectively – “The Vexed Charlotte” in the teacher Wang, “Celebrate more than two years” in the Wang Qinian, “Demon cat biography” in the Gao Gao…Similar to this role, Tian Yu also played a lot, but here on the more verbose.But it’s hard to find anything in common with any of the characters he’s played.Up to now, Tian Yu has become a recognized “golden green leaf” in the circle.Say also some of the sigh, Tian Yu has come to this step, but it is not easy.Tian Yu is a Beijing native who was born in 1975 and is now nearly 50 years old.As we all know, the influence of external environment has a great influence on one’s growth, which is fully proved by Tian Yu.No one in Tian Yu’s family is engaged in film and television industry and is an ordinary salaryman. But coincidentally, his family lives next to the People’s Theater in Beijing.Tian Yu dozen small grew up in the vicinity, from small to large, see are outstanding actors, wonderful performance.By the time he was a little older, he had already made up his mind: I want to be an actor.Unfortunately, the actor is not what you want to be, even if tian Yu was admitted to the Central Academy of Drama by his own ability, but in fact, his career has just begun.Tian Yu’s path as an actress has not been smooth.One of the most striking examples is that he and xia Yu, the best actor, are brothers at school and both of their names are named after the same character “rain”.But Xia Yu got early “three material film emperor”, in the circle mixed out of fame, red through half the sky, he has been in school for four years, sulking, pondering acting.I believe you must have questions, in the school to study well is not the student’s own duty?What’s wrong with that?But don’t forget, this is a Chinese drama, the students inside the future but will be on the big screen to act, go out early to experience the life of the crew, find the feeling of actors, and earn some extra money, what’s wrong with that?In fact, in the face of the lure of the colorful world outside, Tian Yu also had tempted.But the teacher said to him, “You can’t go. Those things are very simple. You can act the big drama well.If Tian Yu wants to be more than an actor, but an artist, she has to bear loneliness, calm and calm.Because the world of artists is generally lonely.Tian Yu finally listened to the teacher’s advice, obediently stay in the school, follow the teacher to study drama, practice basic skills.As a result of his choice to stay at school, his classmates have become minor celebrities, while Tian remains unknown.But there is a good saying, give up, give up, there will be.When Tian Yu stays in the school to study with great concentration, he got the favor of a senior of high hope numerous, gave him a lot of help and guidance.This predecessor was called Diploon.Liang Bolong is the former director, professor and doctoral supervisor of the Acting Department of the Central Academy of Drama.If you don’t think that’s enough, then look at his list of stars — Gong Li, Xia Yu, Chen Baoguo…Seeing this, you must understand what it means for Tian Yu to get the guidance of this senior.Senior graduation, the performance department arranged four major dramas, Tian Yu played three, it can be said that the limelight.After graduation, he was successfully enrolled in the Youth Art Theater and became a drama actor.We must not look down upon the drama actor, the difficulty of this profession, more than ordinary actors.Drama is performed live, in other words, live broadcast only rehearsal without editing, or even rehearsal when bad luck, all depends on the live performance of actors, which is the most test of an actor’s skills.In the last century, the status of Korean theater actors was no worse than that of ordinary actors.In those days, television was still a luxury for the average person, who wanted to watch entertainment or go to the theater.There are a lot of great actors who started out as theater actors.For example, in the recent hot broadcast of the Beginning on Tencent Video, the villain “Aunt Pan” Liu Dan is a drama actress. Dare you say that her acting is not good?Words come back, although entered the youth art theater, but as a novice, Tian Yu did not have a reputation without background, his acting is good, but around a circle are big guy, he is here is a small transparent.Fortunately, Tian yu’s ability to withstand pressure is very strong, he soon accepted his current situation, while doing their own work, while watching the performance of other actors, improve their business level.He knows that he may not be a gifted actor, nor is his appearance particularly excellent, but he can make up for it with diligence, and one day he will become a qualified artist.And, probably is god all feel “just graduated unemployed” Tian Yu is really too miserable, in his graduation year, he also prepared an unexpected surprise.In 1999, Tian starred in her first film, True Heart, which may not have caused much stir in the film and television circles, but it starred a great actor, Bao Guoan.Young people may not be familiar with the name Bao Guoan, but the older generation will be familiar with it.Because Bao Guoan had participated in the CCTV version of the Romance of The Three Kingdoms shooting, he played Cao Cao in it.Seeing this, you will probably be jealous and jealous: when I was in college, I had liang Bolong to take you, and the first film I made after entering the circle was to cooperate with Bao Guoan. Tian Yu was so lucky, wasn’t she?!In fact, Tian Yu is not only lucky in his career, but also lucky in love.Because his ex-girlfriend is Tang Wei.Tian met Tang wei in 2004 when she was filming the film The Swallow.This is the story of a tomboy traffic cop and a stuffy, conceited lawyer who meet in a car accident and become romantically involved.The story is so cliche and the plot is so uninspiring that the film was not well known at the time.But it doesn’t matter.At least, because of the play, Tian Yu met Tang Wei, two people because of the play love, from a pair of screen lovers, gradually developed into a real couple.Actors have a strong ability to empathize with each other. They are often unable to get out of their roles after filming is over. Sometimes, they even extend this feeling to the off-screen, and the fake couple becomes the real one.Tian Yu and Tang Wei’s feelings are very stable, even once to the point of talking about marriage.But this love, or can not go to the end.Later, Tang was chosen by Ang Lee as the leading actress in the film lust, Caution.”Lust, Caution” has a lot of big scenes, and it is rumored that tian could not accept them, which led to their breakup.However, there is also a theory that after Tang Wei appeared in Lust, Caution, her status rose rapidly and she became a well-known female star at home and abroad, while Tian Yu is still a small actress.The identity gap between the two was so great that they finally had to break up.But no one can say exactly what the situation is.Many years later, Tang Wei got married. The reporter interviewed Tian Yu and asked him what he thought about it.Tian Yu just said lightly, “and I have nothing to do.”Yeah, what else does that have to do with him?At the peak of tang Wei’s popularity, he never thought of using each other to hype himself, let alone, now he has been married, there can be any relationship between the two.Who has not experienced a vigorous love when they are young?But life will not total so exciting, most of the time life is flat light, long flow.Tian married her longtime girlfriend, Wang Yue, in 2009.Wang Yue is his colleague and a drama actress.The two went on to have two lovely daughters.Years of polishing and precipitation, but also for Tian Yu’s acting accumulated foundation.In 2015, Mahua Funage spotted tian and invited him to play the supporting role of Teacher Wang in Goodbye Mr. Loser.Tian Yu finally shot to fame.He went on to play a number of roles, and this time, audiences finally remembered him — even if they couldn’t quite remember his name.But this does not matter, the treasure will always be dug out one day, tian Yu is now missing only an opportunity, I believe, this opportunity, in the near future.And preparing for nearly twenty years of tian Yu, he will be able to grasp.