Transformers model fun little scene, Optimus Prime turned into sound waves?

2022-06-02 0 By

Like many friends die around transformers model often some larger creative imagination, so they transplanted the imagination on the peripheral model, then to bring us exactly friends use transformers is peripheral model making work fun scene, everyone have a look at what interesting scenes!Unicron is combined with a beer belly. Should we call it a cosmic belly?The same transformers vehicle form carries the transformers humanoid form, which one do you like better?Is it a motorcycle or a running car?Skyfire’s foot is not its vehicle form!In the anime, starscream impersonates Optimus Prime, and Moyo imagines that sound wave impersonates Optimus Prime. We can see from the chest that laser Bird, Rumble, mechanical dog and other members can be held.I’ve seen all kinds of character transformations, but I’ve never seen a character turn himself into a wheelchair, and he’s in a wheelchair.Who said transformers don’t have feelings, look at me smile like heart!What does that mean?Is the transformation incomplete or something?Sound waves and radio morphs are similar. Are these two characters together?Do you see what this last slide means?See the above model friends using transformers model to make fun of the scene, which fun scene you like most?