During the Spring Festival holiday, domestic tourism revenue reached 289.198 billion yuan, highlighting the mode of “peripheral tourism + in-depth tourism”

2022-06-03 0 By

According to the data center of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, 251 million domestic trips will be made during the seven-day Spring Festival holiday in 2022, up 73.9% from the same period in 2019 on a comparable basis.Domestic tourism revenue reached 289.198 billion yuan, up 56.3% from the same period during the 2019 Spring Festival holiday.During the Spring Festival holiday, visiting relatives and friends, urban leisure, rural vacation, snow and ice leisure have become the mainstream of the market, while self-driving travel, family travel, small group customization, and “research + intangible cultural heritage” have become the mainstream mode of holiday travel.The mode of “peripheral tour + in-depth tour” is prominent, and the quality and personalized trend of short-range tourism is prominent.Data showed that during the 2022 Spring Festival holiday, the proportion of intra-provincial and inter-provincial travel was 78.3% and 21.7%, respectively.According to home stay platform Tujia, orders for single-family home stays during the Spring Festival of 2022 increased by about 56 percent compared with the Spring Festival of 2021.Snow and ice tourism has become a new highlight of Spring Festival holiday tourism.Same-trip big data shows that orders of snow and ice scenic spots increased by 68% over the same period last year during this year’s Spring Festival.