How to make braised prawns crispy?!Do so, sweet to licking fingers, even wish to eat the shell

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Shrimp boiled in oil is shandong cuisine.The main ingredient is prawns, which are steamed with oil using the unique technique of Shandong cuisine. It is a famous dish with a long history. The four flavors of fresh, sweet and salty complement each other and have a long aftertaste.In fact, the difficulty of many famous classic dishes is not the cooking techniques and seasoning methods, but the mastery of the heat. The heat is a feeling that is constantly practiced and mastered. For example, when steaming shrimp in oil and frying shrimp, the taste of the shrimp is separated out, but the shrimp skin cannot be fried, and the integrity of the shrimp is guaranteed.The color is bright red and charming, the soup is transparent, and the light is served every minute.The prawns are sour and delicious, the quail eggs are delicious, and the rice is perfect in an appetising stock so let’s break it down and learn early if you like.1. Use a toothpick to Pierce the red part of the shrimp head — shrimp yellow, quickly squeeze, this is the oil to make the shrimp more delicious baby.2. After processing the prawns, lightly coat them with starch to soften them and eliminate the need to marinate them in advance.3. Pour the oil into the wok, the amount of oil does not exceed the shrimp, when heated to 70%, put the chopsticks into the oil, when the small oil bubbles appear 70% hot;4. Heat 70% of the oil, then fry the shrimp in the oil until the meat and shell are separated.5. The sound of the oil in the pan indicates that there is water in it. At the same time, the temperature of the oil is not enough.Please wait 15 seconds to save the shrimp from burning.This oil steamed shrimp is definitely synonymous with crispy outside and tender inside, and only those who have eaten it can appreciate the delicious, sour and sweet taste in one bite.Important points: When buying fresh shrimp, pay attention to the following to ensure freshness: 1) the shell is thin but not soft, hard and transparent, 2) the flesh is firm and elastic, and 3) the body and head of the shrimp are inseparable.After eating shrimp, there is a fishy smell on the hand, wipe with lemon peel, or wash your hands with vinegar, you can remove the fishy smell, but also soften the skin of your hands.The head, shell and feet of shrimp are black, and the head has been removed or is about to be removed, which proves that the shrimp is no longer fresh, do not buy.Those who like shrimp recommend trying red shrimp from Argentina!When you see red shrimp in Argentina for the first time, you get a shock from the big head. Well, it’s ripe.It’s true that many shrimp turn red when heated, but Argentine shrimp are naturally red.Due to the impact of the epidemic, many people do not dare to eat seafood, because the virus has infected seafood, their red shrimp in Argentina has been nucleic acid test, to ensure the safety of food, not only nucleic acid test, food entry inspection, disinfection every day is very thoughtful.It takes 3 to 4 years for the large size of Argentine prawns to grow into 20cm prawns. Time is money, so it is more precious. In addition, because of the long growth cycle of large red prawns, the nutrients of shrimp meat will be more abundant, so the shrimp meat is delicate and full, soft and sweet, and it is the favorite of sashimi cuisine.Barbecue, braised sauce, salt roast, white heat, you can think of methods, are applicable to Argentina’s red shrimp, as long as a little seasoning, Argentina’s red shrimp can send out their own fragrance, its Q shell taste, a bite to forget.Stir-fried shrimp with garlic is also a good choice. Cut the back of the shrimp, cut the meat in half, choose the shrimp shreds, sprinkle with minced garlic, salt and cooking oil, then steam and bake for about 8 minutes.Before out of the pot, pour hot oil, sprinkle scallions, garlic into garlic red shrimp, how can a delicious expression!The New Year is coming, there will be a lot of food on the table, whether they eat or give gifts, times have face.There is no need to worry about food safety. As I have stressed, they sterilize food every day and conduct nucleic acid tests every 7 days. Please rest assured about food safety.After eating shrimp, it is better to eat fruit every 4 hours, otherwise it may cause indigestion.