Liu Huayue: Thoughts on flower arrangement

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Xi ‘an Liu Huayue a bottle of flower arrangement, trim posture, full of room fragrance, elegant and clear god.In the middle of winter, plum blossoms are in full bloom.In the south, there are many kinds of plum blossom, belonging to the plum family. In the north, there are few kinds of plum blossom, which I rarely see in Xi ‘an.But the north variety of wintersweet, wintersweet family, your flower arrangement is wintersweet, and plum is a different branch.Wintersweet and plum also have in common, with the midwinter and bloom.Different is wax plum monochrome, yellow covered flap, slightly thick, such as wax, fragrant attack.Plum blossom red, pink, white several colors, petals light if Cicada, proud snow bloom, elegant light fragrance.Wintersweet north planting, Xi ‘an temples, parks, colleges and universities, organs……Are planted with wintersweet, such as interest, can go snow to find wintersweet, Ling Han smell, don’t be some fun.What impressed me most was the two ancient wintersweet trees on both sides of the daxingshan Temple. They were about one hundred years old, with bowed branches, aged and pale, in full bloom, yellow as wax. When they bloomed, the flower clusters were like brocade, and the courtyard was full of strange fragrance.Especially in the snow to find the view of wintersweet, snow like flowers, wintersweet yellow clouds, Ling Han bloom, incense yi Ling virtual, in the sea of snow, do enjoy the first branch of spring.Feel the clear god through the brain, life is also a joy.About the author: Liu Huayue.Net name: Zixiu Shandong.Born in Weifang, Shandong province, he now lives in Xi ‘an.Retired cadres of enterprises, senior workers, communist Party members.Love literature and poetry creation.