Spring begins today, winter Olympics opens, spring dozen 69 head

2022-06-03 0 By

Today is February 4th, the fourth day of the first lunar month in the lunar calendar. At 4:51 PM Beijing time on February 4th, the beginning of Spring, the first of the 24 solar terms, begins. Spring represents warmth and growthThis year, the beginning of spring falls on the first day of the “69 heads in Spring”, also known as the Sheep Day.It is a day for Chinese people to welcome gods.In the old emperor’s calendar accounted for sheep, so often said “three sheep (Yang) Kaitai” is a symbol of good luck, but also to welcome the kitchen God back to the folk day.According to the custom of northeast China, people make spring cakes, present spring dishes and eat spring vegetables on the day of the start of Spring to welcome and celebrate the spring.Spring cake is a typical seasonal food on the start of Spring. Since the Wei, Jin and Southern Dynasties, people have eaten spring cake to welcome spring.Spring cake is a thin pancake, lettuce, fruit, cake, sugar and so on on the plate, take the meaning of the new, called “spring plate”.In many places of Our country, on the two days of New Year’s Eve and The first day of the Lunar New Year, there will be a lot of debris from fireworks and firecrackers because of the sacrificial celebrations.In the morning of the fourth day, we can dust indoors, sweep the room, these days accumulated old waste pile to the yard, ready to “throw poor”.Today is also the opening day of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the highlight of which is the 20pm opening ceremony at the National Stadium.At that time, the mysterious veil of the opening ceremony will be removed, “legend” in the content of science and technology, the beginning of spring elements and mysterious ignition methods and so on all kinds of eye-catching links will be presented in front of the world.09:55 — Men’s figure skating team short program 11:35 — Figure skating team ice dance Rhythm dance 12:10 — Women’s ice hockey Preliminary, China vs Denmark 13:15 — Figure skating pairs short Program 13:35 — Curling mixed doubles round robin 6, China vs Canada 20:00 — Beijing Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony!Pay attention to Beijing Winter Olympics, refueling for Chinese athletes together!