In 1985, he gathered thousands of people to siege the county hospital “declared himself emperor”, and 40 nurses were “brought into the harem”

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Look at the TV series, all kinds of ancient costume TV series will always have a wise or wise shenwu or evil cunning emperor, they can be in the hall a word and nine triads, also can indisguise private visit choose concubine.In any case, the emperor’s standard of living must have been the best in that era compared to the common people.The last emperor Puyi abdicated, the End of the Qing Dynasty, China’s history into the Republic of China stage.After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the idea of equality for all was popularized, and many feudal thoughts were forcefully cracked.But in remote areas, where knowledge and new ideas are out of reach, feudal roots remain strong.Even in the 1980s, there were still people dreaming of being king or emperor. There was even a man who gathered thousands of people to attack the county hospital and admitted nurses as concubines. What kind of absurd story is this?In Guang ‘an County, Sichuan province, where hunan, Guizhou and Sichuan meet, there was a man who was worried about his future.His name was Zeng Yinglong, a farmer in Guang ‘an County. His family made a living from farming for generations, but he liked to read ancient books and metaphysics in his spare time. Feudal thoughts were still prevalent in that remote village, and people who knew braile and metaphysics were very popular.For the boy, Zeng Yinglong ran out to work with his wife, who did not have a birth control ring, and became a super child guerrilla. They worked everywhere and settled down in Xinxiang, Henan province.In the 1980s, with China’s reform and opening up, science became more deeply rooted in the minds of ordinary people, fortune-telling was no longer popular, which made some people who made a living by fortune-telling could not accept it.Ma Xing was such a fortune-teller. In order to return to the society he had adapted to, Ma Xing decided to find a puppet emperor and return to the feudal era where he was valued.When Zeng Yinglong was sighing in the village that he would have no future, Ma Xing caught zeng Yinglong’s weakness. In the age of family planning, rural people could only have two children, but if he declared himself emperor, he would marry as many as he wanted and have as many children as he wanted.With this in mind, the two began to prepare.Ma Xing invented a nursery rhyme: “Fake dragons sink, real dragons rise;South of the river, peace descends. “The song spread from one to another, and before long, even a three-year-old child could sing it.This is not enough, so Ma Xing stuffs a piece of cloth into the stomach of a big catfish and writes the word “big” on the body of the big catfish.We’re all set. We only need one chance.When Ma Xing led his men to catch fish, “accidentally” he saw a big catfish. When the villagers fished it out, they found “Da da” written on its belly and a piece of cloth inside, which was the nursery rhyme often sung by children.At this time, Zeng Yinglong took the opportunity to put forward his “founding idea” : if you have land, you will grow it, if you have money, you will spend it, and if you have children, you will have children.Farmers at that time could not understand the family planning policy, they only knew that the policy had left them with no sons.Many people were dissatisfied with the policy, so many people began to respond to Zeng yinglong’s slogan, and more and more people gathered.Under the people’s “support”, Zeng Yinglong also assumes the throne as the emperor, and changes the year 1985 as the Taiping Year. In terms of giving birth to children, he has been completely open, and even proposes the idea of being entitled as informing Madam when giving birth to more than ten people, which has been supported by the rural women.With the support of these people, Zeng Yinglong and Ma Xing began to brew a bigger plot.Attack on County Hospital One day in 1985, the county hospital was doing its usual medical work.Suddenly, a group of men with sharp weapons burst into the county hospital, and the doctors and nurses were brought under control before they could figure out what was going on.At first the doctor thought it was a medical problem, after all, in this day and age, patients always blame the doctor for everything, but to their surprise, the group of people gathered in front of them a tall and a little bald, but shiny middle-aged man.The men with weapons called the man “Your Majesty”, which made the doctor even more puzzled. It was 1985 and there was no king. The Qing Dynasty had long since died.Headed by the man did not worry to sit down, to the doctors introduced their own big country, in this group of doctors a face to see neuropathy eyes will all men out, leaving only 40 nurses when “concubine”.Finally successfully captured county hospital Zeng Yinglong excitedly began to destroy the family planning supplies, these harm people can not give birth to children’s things were directly burned burn, throw throw.After all this is over, Ceng Yinglong is taking his “civil and military hundred officials” patrol the territory that oneself occupy, patrol after the end go to see the concubine that oneself occupy again.Zeng Yinglong is very happy, to award these concubines, one of the most beautiful also want to seal the queen, but Zeng Yinglong’s wife is not happy, think she should be the original, is the queen, Zeng Yinglong directly relegated her to the concubine.Their actions soon attracted the attention of the county public Security Bureau, which led a large number of people to the county hospital, where they met with resistance from the villagers.However, how could these villagers be opponents of the public security, they were quickly defeated. The two people who wanted to “subdue the country” sighed bitterly, and even Ma Xing wanted to commit suicide by jumping into a lotus pond with his newly captured concubine.But because the pool water is too small to drown people, Ma Xing in a frenzy actually killed two nurses trying to escape.Police quickly cracked down on them and they were arrested and put on trial.Ma Xing was sentenced to death for inciting the murder of two nurses, but zeng Yinglong’s government sentenced him to life imprisonment for his ignorance.In prison, Zeng remained a “king of the crowd,” but he received preferential treatment for his good attitude and even did some reading with the help of the prison chief.While in prison, Zeng gave an interview to a reporter, in which he still referred to himself as “I”, recalled the founding of the country and felt the “pain of losing the country”.However, he also admitted that he really believed Ma Xing’s scam of “scattering beans to become soldiers”, and that he dared to “ascend the throne” because he believed Ma Xing’s story.In the interview, Although Zeng Yinglong is still the emperor tone, but also helplessly said that his wife was “demoted to the concubine”, and his divorce.I wonder if in the end he regretted that his whole family had been shattered by his stupidity.Summary the emperor do in turn, this year to my home.In the feudal society, such a phenomenon is indeed very common, but after the founding of the people still have this idea, let people have to let people face the deep-rooted feudal thoughts.In the socialist now there are a lot of feudal ideas waiting for our generation to break, I hope in the near future, those ugly ideas can be eradicated.