The official list of “new double first-class” universities has been released, and Hebei province has “lost zero”. Xiangtan University has been upgraded

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Many people have heard of “double first-class” universities, but they are not quite sure what it means. “Double first-class” refers to world-class universities and universities with world-class disciplines. I think everyone knows that “double first-class” universities have strong strength.The “double Top” universities are selected every five years, and if they fail to make progress, they will be kicked out and have a chance to be selected.Not “double first-class” in the past, now selected, for colleges and universities, is a great joy, means that there will be more students to register, the strength of the university is more powerful, but, has not been selected, may cause the loss of talent.China launched the first round of “double first-class” university selection in 2017, and the second round in 2022. The results have been released, and the official list of “new double first-class” universities has been released.The official release of the “new double first-class” university list, Hebei province “hang zero”, Xiangtan University upgraded the second round of selection, there is a big change, those who focus on discipline construction, strong ability of universities, will be collectively referred to as the double first-class university list, the official release of the new double first-class university list, a total of 147 universities won the title.985, 211 universities accounted for the majority, this is also beyond doubt, however, other areas of undergraduate universities are not weak, have been elected to double first-class, 985 university status may become less prominent.To put it simply, the high school examinee who is admitted to the double-first-class university may not be 985 famous universities, but the future prospect is not bad, the examinee has more choices, there will be healthy competition between universities, there are many benefits.Students and parents may be more concerned about whether any universities have been kicked out of the double-top universities list. Nominally, there are no universities. However, several universities with a total of 16 disciplines were interviewed and warned by the company.Xiangtan University in Hunan Province has been selected as the top two universities in the world. The first is Xiangtan University in Hunan Province, which is known as “good wine needs no bush”.Xiangtan University because of the geographical location, resulting in many candidates do not want to enter for an examination, long-distance candidates will continue to change the city to find a job, local candidates have a lot of choices, think is enough grievance, now selected double first-class university, must attract many candidates.Another university is Shanxi University, philosophy and physics selected, but also to congratulate once again, Shanxi University is to live up to expectations.Is the so-called “a few joy a few sorrow”, some colleges and universities finally selected, efforts are not in vain, progress is seen by all, some colleges and universities were almost kicked out of the double first-class university team, can be hard, there is a city and city about to cry, no university selected, is the college entrance examination province, local students want to cry without tears.Before the announcement of the second round of new double first-class universities list, many people had high expectations for Yanshan University, Hebei University and Hebei Normal University.The local students in Hebei are not poor in quality. The number of students who take part in the college entrance examination every year is in the forefront of the country. These candidates have no choice but to go to other places to study and want to go to a double-first-class university at the “doorstep” has become a big dream.For Yanshan University, which had the highest expectations, a scandal was exposed at the critical period of the selection. A professor’s wild remarks in his attempt to overturn the theory of relativity caused a very bad influence on Yanshan University. It may have something to do with this failure to be selected as a double-top university.In any case, these universities in Hebei province should make persistent efforts and not give up. They should not only improve the overall strength of the school, but also improve the quality of the teachers. They should show solid strength, and actions speak louder than words.The second round of double first-class university selection has ended, no matter how much you say, the universities who failed to be selected, pack up your mood and continue to work hard, I hope to see you in the next selection.Conclusion: The strength of colleges and universities will directly affect the quality of talents. Talents are the backbone of national and social development. The selection of double first-class universities can improve the enthusiasm of colleges and universities and strive to develop into stronger schools.Of course, students also need to work harder, the competition is becoming more and more fierce, need to come up with better results, enter the double first-class university study, for the future development of a great help, the employment situation is grim, the halo of famous schools is particularly important, prospective high school candidates seize the last precious time, do not leave regret.University of hebei province is now have a “new”, by hope, this is more than 20, 985 under the support of “male university”, although is a private school, may, according to the relevant information, is expected in 2023 will recruit students, hope that the university up to expectations, the local examinee can also be at home on a good university.Topic of the day: What do you think of the list of “New double First-class” universities?Feel free to share in the comments section.(Pictures from the network, if any infringement, please contact to delete)