The post-1990 generation has an average deposit of 1.26 million yuan?These lists are all fake

2022-06-04 0 By

According to the Shanghai-based Internet Rumor Refuting news, some lists with the theme of “household annual income” and “personal savings” are circulating online again near the end of the year, and the data they give are surprising. According to the list of the Per Capita Savings of the post-90s generation released by a short video account,The average demand deposit balance of the post-1990 generation in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen was 1.267 million yuan, 1.228 million yuan and 1.099 million yuan, respectively.The Shanghai figure is higher than the average annual household income in Shanghai published in the previous list.The reporter found that no “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao City Exchange Forum” has been held in Shenzhen since January 1, 2022.Wharton Finance does not exist.Third-party data agencies including Forbes China, Fortune Chinese and Ipsos LPSOS have also reported on fake lists published online in their names.Industry insiders analysis, fake lists are mostly to attract attention: publishers to people care about “income”, “deposit” and other topics, first fake data, and then play a plausible “authority”, create attention and discussion, in order to earn a wave of traffic.Original title: “Post-90s’ average savings: 1.26 million yuan? These lists are fake!”[Edit: He Wen Breeze]