Winter Olympics venue | Gao Tingyu with a record-breaking medal dyed gold

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Gao Tingyu, who won bronze in Pyeongchang four years ago, made good on his pledge to “change the colour of the medal” by winning gold in Beijing.On February 12 in the afternoon, Beijing Olympic men’s 500 m speed skating oval in the country “ice ribbons, and the opening of China sports delegation flag-bearer, pyeongchang Olympic bronze medalist Gao Ting yu, this project with 34 seconds and broke the Olympic record, became the first winter Olympics speed skating gold medalist in the men in China.Men’s 500 meters can be called the “100 meters war” in the speed skating arena, which is full of speed and passion of the competition attracted attention.Gao Tingyu, who won the gold medal in the first World Cup race in Poland this season, started in group 7. From the start, he quickly got into shape, clocking only 9.42 seconds in the first 100 meters, not only far ahead of The Group of Poland’s Jurek, but also ranked first among all the 30 competitors.In the middle and back, Gao tingyu skated faster and faster. In the last 100 meters, he even sprinted to the cheers of the audience — 34.32 seconds!Gao broke the Olympic record set by defending champion Haval Lorenson of Norway in Pyeongchang and rose to first place.It is worth mentioning that this is also the “ice ribbon” this Winter Olympics produced the 8th Olympic record, Gao Tingyu also became the first Chinese athlete in the “fastest ice” to break the Olympic record.After crossing the finish line to confirm his new Olympic record, Gao roared in celebration and waved to the stands.However, Gao Tingyu admitted after the race that he was not sure whether he could stand on the podium, because the 500 meters competition is too fierce, the following 8 groups of 16 athletes have strong strength.South Korea’s che Min-kyu in the 10th group played well, sliding 34.39 seconds, only 0.07 seconds behind Ko Jung-woo.In the last two groups, several of Gao’s strongest rivals suffered a second start, but only Japan’s Shigehiro Mori did his best, skating 34.49 seconds to take bronze.Dubreuil of Canada, the world Champion in the men’s 500m, finished fourth in 34.522 seconds and missed the podium.Another last group of Japanese general Shinbin li also ranked only 20th.After the final group’s results were announced, Gao Tingyu, who was certain to win gold, covered his face in celebration. He then wrapped himself in the National flag and took a lap of honor around the track as the ice Ribbon crowd applauded the historic moment for the first Chinese man to win a gold medal in speed skating at the Winter Olympics.”Most want to thank the whole team behind me, thank the motherland!”Gao Tingyu exclaimed after becoming the first Chinese male to win a gold medal in speed skating at the Winter Olympics.After taking bronze in the 500m in Pyeongchang four years ago, Gao tingyu said he would “change the colour of the medal” in Beijing.When asked about his original promise, Gao proudly said, “I kept my word!We Chinese do what we say!”Asked by a reporter at the press conference what he thought of the “magic spell that the flag-bearer cannot win gold”, Gao said: “I will break it, or it will be in vain!When the flag bearer has no pressure, is to lead the Chinese team to victory!”Gao also said that as the first Chinese male speed skater to win a gold medal at the Winter Olympics, he hoped that Chinese athletes in this event would “win one Olympic gold medal after another”.For more, check out the Winter Olympics newsletter.The winter Olympics publication reporter | press Deng Wei perturbation source client winter games Xiao-song zhao editor Wellpoint process editor Liu Weili