Do couples still kiss in middle age?Listen to four middle-aged men and women

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Love is always a classic topic.There are many ways to express love, including direct verbal expression, euphemistic and implicit written expression, and holding hands, hugging, kissing are also ways to express love.Young people’s emotional sublimation, intimate interactions tend to embrace kissing in the majority, then middle-aged people, between husband and wife will still kiss?Today let’s go into the lives of four men and women and hear what they have to say.1. Mr. Li: 45, the private owner (for kissing, would have no the passion) Mr Li said that he and his wife married for 20 years, the former already have been living with passion, they couple arrive every day, their busy work and career, he often dinner party to go home very late, in order not to affect the wife rest, is a person sleep study.That is, get up in the morning to say hello to have a meal together, and then do not interfere with each other, their busy, between their husband and wife, so live peacefully for many years, even at least communication all have no, but also talk about what kiss?2. Ms. Liu:48, supermarket clerk (don’t know what a kiss is already feeling the) liu is a supermarket shop assistant, she said she and her husband feelings is bad, because the husband taken out, they are husband and wife have already separated for several years, originally early want to divorce, is your two children didn’t agree with, can only so consumption, the word for a kiss, she had felt very strange,Early can’t remember monkey year horse month and husband kiss, because the feelings between husband and wife have no, the heart has already died, can’t excite any desire, kiss from where to speak?3. Mr. Zhao:49 years old, high school senior teacher (we are husband and wife relationship is very good, kiss is normal) Mr. Zhao said she and her wife is a high school classmate, and is the person of hometown, they are childhood sweethearts, grow up together, from marriage to now, they have always been very good feelings, he is a very romantic person, with a special focus on appeal, he is two years older than his wife, love his wife very much.Whether it is his wife’s birthday or other major festivals, Mr. Zhao always gives his wife an unexpected surprise. When resting on weekends, Mr. Zhao always likes to hold his wife’s hand and go out for a walk, go shopping and exercise together.Mr. Zhao and his wife have deep feelings, kissing is normal for them, and did not reduce passion because of age, they have been in a state of indifference, long time.4. Ms. Ding:40, institution staff (for many years no kissing, don’t recall what taste), says ms ding, she and her husband get married for 16 years, has been gathered from much less, because her husband in foreign business, and at ordinary times busy business rarely go home, seems to be getting more strange between them, and two people if it had been accustomed to such a life, even when her husband came back,I was only married once in a while. No kissing.Her husband never offered to kiss her, and she never asked for one. They were like silent strangers.Said: it is last write ‬ in ‬ ‬ ‬ phase ‬ love ‬ ‬ easy phase keep difficult ‬.In ‬ between husband and wife together for a long time, to the day ‬ ‬ ‬ excitation ‬ would ‬ with ‬ ‬ ‬ ‬ elimination slowly lost ‬ ‬ out, actually people ‬ ‬ middle-aged, more ‬ one ‬ ‬ embrace a ‬ ‬ more ‬ kiss kiss ‬ ‬, not ‬ ‬ will only ‬ ‬ ‬ solution of contradiction, and grew ‬ ‬ into ‬ ‬ affection between husband and wife.So serve ‬ advised ‬ day ‬ ‬ under all of the husband and wife, don’t tube ‬ ‬ you ‬ is what age ‬, please ‬ ‬ not to forget to love ‬ ‬ people embrace, a warm ‬ one ‬ ‬ hot kiss of the fierce ‬ ‬ ‬!