Pico and JINGdong jointly appeared on the Spring Festival Gala stage hot ring during the Spring Festival Gala sales increased 50 times compared to the same period last year

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On the morning of New Year’s Day, Mr. Li who lives in Shenyang has not gone out to pay a New Year’s call, then came jingdong express little brother knocking on the door.Originally, in the interactive segment of last night’s Spring Festival Gala, Mr. Li easily got a Pico Neo3 VR all-in-one machine by relying on jingdong’s winning brand without threshold Jing Voucher.Surprisingly, the first day of the New Year on the morning of door-to-door delivery, Mr. Li is also called: sure enough, jingdong speed.It is reported that during the Spring Festival Gala of the year of the Tiger, JD.com gave out 1.5 billion red envelopes and good things, and Chinese people around the world participated in 69.1 billion interactions with jd.com APP red envelopes.It is understood that in the 2022 Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Tiger, many people have placed an order for the Pico Neo3 VR all-in-one machine from JINGdong early, taking the lead in enjoying the immersive experience of experiencing the joyful atmosphere of the Gala live without leaving home.According to data, during the first 5 minutes of the interactive link of the Spring Festival Gala, brand red envelopes and Pico Neo3 VR with a total value of more than 70 million yuan were received by users. During the Spring Festival Gala, brand turnover of Pico increased by 50 times compared with last year’s Lunar calendar, making a great achievement.Yi Xuan, president of Pico’s consumer Marketing Department, said, “This year is the first time that I don’t spend the Spring Festival with my family, but it is especially valuable.In order to keep the Spring Festival gala interactive link the user experience, good Pico team still struggle with jingdong friend and a half months, New Year’s eve that night to see the background data continue to be refreshed, record at that moment, I sincerely thank the national consumer recognition and trust to us, as a young brand of VR, we continue to agriculture, but still have a long way to go.We look forward to working with JD.com to bring more products and services to our customers in the coming years.”Pico, as a world-renowned VR/AR brand with independent innovation and r & D creation ability, in addition to this year’s Spring Festival Gala reached in-depth cooperation with JINGdong, during the Jingdong New Year shopping Festival also achieved an excellent record of sales growth of 7 times compared to the same period last year.In fact, looking back on the cooperation between Pico and JD, the two sides have started to cooperate in the VR field since 2016. Since 2017, Pico has achieved an annual turnover increase of 25 times on JD platform.During the cooperation, JINGdong and Pico made two breakthrough attempts based on the exploration in VR field.The first time was during the Double 11 in 2017. With the support of JINGdong’s massive quality user base and powerful marketing resources, Pico successfully developed the first joint binding cooperation of VR category, affecting Apple’s Beats products to carry out joint binding combination set for exclusive promotion.And this exclusive set of cooperation, so that Pico successfully see under the help of JINGdong, VR applications unlimited possibilities.Since then, Pico Neo3’s new product was equipped with the new product project in Beijing and Tokyo. Within 3 minutes of its debut, the sales volume of JINGdong exceeded 2,000 units. Within 5 minutes of its debut, the sales volume of Jingdong exceeded the total sales volume of Neo2 in all channels within 3 days of its debut, setting a new one-day record for the debut of VR glasses category on the platform.The second milestone attempt to re-create the brand highlight moment took place in November 2021.Since VR products have only attracted the attention of a small number of groups before, the user education cost is high, although Pico put forward the idea of offering a 30-day free trial very early, but due to unknown risks and high cost pressure, it did not usher in a new turning point until Last November.Jd.com teamed up with Pico to launch the 30-day wordless free trial service.In fact, this attempt has been recognized and trusted by users: after the launch of this feature service, Pico’s sales volume in JINGdong channel in November and December increased by 230% year-on-year, and the conversion rate increased by as much as 17 times.Although the Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Tiger has come to an end, the Spring Festival feast presented by JD.com and Pico for consumers is not over.During the Spring Festival in 2022, JD will not only deliver goods during the Spring Festival for the tenth consecutive year, but also guarantee the material supply of consumers.As the exclusive interactive partner of the Group Headquarters for the 2022 Spring Festival Gala, JINGdong will also give full play to the advantages of the new entity and continue to bring consumers more immersive and real entertainment experience together with Pico.