Films starring Li Chen earned more than 15 billion yuan at the box office, with the Changjin Lake series accounting for nearly half

2022-06-06 0 By

According to the real-time data of the lighthouse professional edition, as of 11:40 on February 3, the box office of “Watgate Bridge of Changjin Lake” reached 1.249 billion yuan, helping actor Li Chen to lead the film box office of more than 15 billion yuan mark.Li Chen’s main films include: Changjin Lake 5.775 billion yuan, eight Hundred billion yuan 3.111 billion yuan, China’s Doctor 1.328 billion yuan, Aftershock 650 million yuan, 1921 504 million yuan, The Founding of the Great Revival of the Party 412 million yuan, Sky Hunting 319 million yuan.As of 0:00 on February 3, the box office of “The Professional” reached 476 million yuan, actress Ma Li starred in the cumulative box office of more than 10 billion yuan, become the first Chinese actress box office 10 billion yuan.Source | yangcheng evening news · guangzhou send picture posters | coordinating editor | Hu Guangxin