The RedmiK50 esports version is about to debut, and the mercedes-amg co-branded version is getting the most attention

2022-06-06 0 By

On February 14, Redmi announced through its official Microblog that Redmi has become the exclusive mobile phone partner of the Mercedes-AM GF1 team. The two sides will work together to put the spirit of competition into technological innovation, explore the ultimate performance, and provide users with the ultimate products with cutting-edge technology.The news immediately sparked anticipation among car fans and mobile phone enthusiasts.AMGF1 team has always been the performance myth of F1, and it is the only eight championship winner in F1.The official account of the mercedes-am gf1 team also confirmed the partnership with the RedmiK50 at the same time and was well received by many fans.”This year is a big year for FORMULA One. I’m glad to see the linkage between Domestic mobile phone brands and FORMULA One. I believe it is not only beneficial to the teams, but also beneficial to the promotion of FORMULA One in China.”Many AMG fans are also very excited about the cooperation, “it’s obvious that I want to support a wave.”Like the fans, mi fans and the digital community are also enthusiastic about the partnership.Li Jieling, a digital blogger, said that Redmi’s partnership with AMGF1 would help Redmi establish a cool image and promote F1 among young people, “in the right direction”.Mi fans are also looking forward to it, joking that it will be “the first F1 car for young people”.A number of digital bloggers have posted invitations to redmi50 esports, revealing the Mercedes AMGF1W12EPerformance model.Digital blogger “Wu Xiaojie” revealed that there are cooling components of the new phone inside, “it looks very big.”The collaboration between Redmi and AMG has the digital community excited about the performance and heat dissipation of the new phone. Feng Weiwen, a digital blogger, said that as the first new phone after the lunar New Year in 2022, Redmi 50 will set the standard for esports phones.(Liu Donghui) Read: Yu Fanghua