The department of Ultrasound of Zibo Maternal and Child Health Hospital held a conference on discipline development and quality control

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With each passing year, our vision is updated. We bid farewell to the fruitful year of 2021 and welcome the vibrant year of 2022.As soon as possible to carry out the hospital “climbing” program “implementation of the subject construction, to further promote the development of ultrasonic a scientific construction, the discipline development, new technology and new project development and personnel training and medical quality management, implementation of ultrasonic medicine and the continuous improvement of medical quality and service level, on the afternoon of February 18, 2022, all staff of ultrasound gathered,The discipline development Forum and the first monthly meeting of 2022 were held in the conference room of ultrasound Department on the first floor of Building 10 of the new Hospital.The meeting was presided over by Li Hualin, director of ultrasound Department.Zhang Fengming, business director of Tugong expert and chief expert, made a speech at the meeting. Director Zhang fengming pointed out that the focus of the development of the department is the development and construction of the discipline, and encouraged everyone to improve their business ability and strive towards the goal of provincial key discipline based on the existing municipal key discipline of the department.Yang Li, Gu Ling, Fu Qiuying experts and department management personnel department discipline development, talents cultivation, subject development and discussed the future development direction of the views and opinions, have pointed out that under the new situation, we must set up a clear goal, on the basis of completes the labor of duty, efforts to move forward, constantly breakthroughs, committed to the development of department.Ultrasound hua-lin li, director of the ultrasound a scientific developing direction and arrange the recent work done, ultrasound will be based on full service clinical departments, business development needs, to penetrate ultrasound examination and treatment in clinical work every detail, seize the current hospital obstetrics, gynecology, pediatric clinical departments, such as physicians, fast development time, comprehensively promote the discipline development, training high quality talents,Prepare for the department to apply for provincial key disciplines.The head nurse Han Xiaojing, the assistant director Chen Xu and Zhang Shuai respectively reported on the management of consumables, quality control, case follow-up and other aspects of the department.In recent years, the Ultrasound Department has attached great importance to the promotion of fine management, quality control and cooperation with clinical departments, giving full play to the role of the department as the prenatal ultrasonic diagnosis quality control center in Zibo city, and the quality control work is in the forefront of the province.Subject development department meeting inspired everyone, everyone in 2022 with new hope, don’t forget to beginner’s mind, self-motivated, with more professional knowledge and more enthusiastic service, for the service, contributing to the development of the hospital’s own strength, heart hand holding, together, we believe that through our unremitting efforts, ultrasound is bound to usher in a new bright future.