The history of the recognized ten god of world War II, who is unparalleled great hero

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Since ancient times, the general has always been popular for readers, from xia Gao Zhou, down to the Yuan Ming and Qing Dynasties, how many general names moved in the sea, extraordinary earthquake common.And has the war god laurel general, in fact very few, the following twelve people, the war god said, can be said to be worthy!The three states of Lu, Wei and Chu, since they were generals, xihe made great achievements, the people of Qin dared not move westward.Chu, assisting in the king’s reform, south Ping Baiyue, north and Chen CAI, open a thousand li.Life strong Wei fu Chu, and the hou war seventy-six, sixty-four.Its art of war, do not let 司马穰苴, so the later generations of soldiers, every push sun, Wu.Two, the world – Baiqi Baiqi zhiqiang dare to do, the courage of the masses.For qin general, material enemy change, surprising infinite.South down strong Chu, north Wei Yanzhao, pull ying Du, destroy Changping.Conquer conquer, take wei 摛 Han, break the city fall yi, countless, to be the enemy of the six states, the world, the name of human slaughter.Xiang Yu, the overlord of western Chu, rose up in the long mu, ju Lu fought nine battles and nine victories, beheaded Su Jiao, Lu Wang Li, jiang Zhang Han, and shocked the hou. In three years, he led five princes to destroy The Qin Dynasty.He said that he had fought for more than seventy years, and those he conquered were defeated, and those he defeated were subservient. He then ruled the world.Four, the country scholar peerless – Han Xin Han Xin country scholar peerless, holding the ambition of the king, the strong figure of the hero.That is, the three Qin, attack Pengcheng.Wood linoleic crossing army, plan to capture Wei Bao, desperate battle, lure Chen Yu.Take wei 摛, zhao yan, east attack Qi, south to destroy Chu, it can be said that the attack will be ke, the war will win, work is not born, slightly no longer see.Five, feng Wolf Ju xu – Huo Qubing Huo Qubing stood up to shi, good riding and shooting, people less talk, dare to gas.The rate of 800 rides deep into the desert, three times played, crown the army.Pay attention to tactics, regardless of the ancient law.Hexi surrendered, Mobei broke the enemy, drink Horse Hanhai, pack Wolf in Xushan, alone yuyuan dun, Desert south without the court, the mighty power shock in the world, although the ancient name beyond.Geng Yan was fond of military affairs since he was young. He was eager to learn martial arts and was resourceful in making wise decisions.Its decision Hebei, nanyang, also see light into the industry.In order to attack the quartet, attack will be gram, keep will be solid, gram pull out completely.Where the county forty-six, three hundred, never setbacks.When compared to Huaiyin Han Xin.Seven, huaxia – Guan Yu Guan Yu for the world tiger Chen, the enemy of ten thousand people, there is the wind.White horse rescue, in the army to take the head of the general, looking at the three countries, unique.Water flooded seven army, cut Pound, captured in the ban, China.With a brigade of division, against the two nations, but still glorious defeat.And the name of the martial sage, unshakable through the ages, the future generations highly respected.Eight, wu Mourn for the king of Heaven – Ran Min Ran min young and sharp, and long eight feet long, good strategy, brave.Shi Hu was defeated by Changli, and its army was completely independent, thus achieving great fame and sound. Hu Xia Suji is not afraid to go there.Shi value of internal turmoil, take the opportunity to destroy Zhao Kill Hu, build a party, attack war without a front, every battle will win, soldiers wei Sheng reported for a while.Three years after the establishment of the state, wei and Yan fought each other, but the house of Constant Victory had a grain of truth in mind.Anti-word Lu Ting, heroic death.Its impassioned style, foot and the west Chu overlord with the same world.Liu Yu, the emperor wudi of the Song Dynasty, had a grand plan. He rose to join the army and defeated Sun En. He took the lead in attacking and fighting and was invincible.None of huan Xuan was successful in the land, and none of the people were brigade. They advocated righteousness, demanded rebellion, and rebuilt the Jin dynasty.Business quartet, ping Nan Yan, Gram Hou Qin, xiao Lu Xun, qiao Zong, Tima Jinge, gas swallow wanli such as tiger, it can be said that the internal jing outside, earthquake in the sea.The six dynasties had never been as prosperous as this.Ten, a generation of model – Li Jing Li Jing and text, good at using the army, good at strategy, see the micro, linrong, awe-inspiring broken.摛 Xiao Milling, fu Lingnan, destroy east Turkic, broken Tuguhun, life expedition, south Pingjingyang, northern Qing desert, generals and ministers, for a generation model, a general mo out of its right.Eleven, the most powerful – Su Dingfang Su Dingfang valiant, life army horse, four battles, meritorious service.Zheng Tujue, flat green mountain, Yi Baiji, Koryo, royal Tubo, “before and after the destruction of The Three Kingdoms, all living 摛 its master”.Name dynamic domain, weizhen special common.Yue Fei yue Fei determined to be generous, wenwu all instruments, will be determined to fight.摛 Yang Mo, Ping Li Cheng, famous dongting.Recover Jiankang, xiangyang, set six counties, into the Central Plains, famous shock in the north and south.Cherish the rift between king and minister, defeat on the verge of success.However, its loyalty fierce, not wu Sheng name.The above 12 people, god of war said, deserved the name, I do not know which is your heart peerless hero.Pictures from the network!