What was the experience of bringing Girls and Boys Go Forward into the game?Net friend: This is coming

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When I was a child, IT was really exciting to sit in front of the TV and watch others make a pass. When I saw the contestants fall into the water one by one, I even wanted to rush into the TV and make a pass by myself. I believe I am not the only one with this idea.I thought “Boys and girls go forward” was over, but recently I started to sign up. Many people said they wanted to sign up for their friends. Is this a “true” friend?But there are also many people said that although see “boys and girls go forward” is very enjoyable, but really want to go through the first pass may be eliminated, after all, most people are not professional, but very like this way of playing through, want to play and do not worry about falling into the water, and finally fell into a wireless cycle of entangling state.However, we don’t have to worry too much, although we don’t have the courage to participate in the “Boys and Girls Go Forward” in reality, but we can experience the same type of gameplay in the game ah, this is not, entry level competitive game “egg party” can absolutely meet the desire to experience exciting entry level gameplay.”Egg boy party” is a picture Q meng and play a variety of competitive games, the theme is very novel, and there are a lot of tide playing elements, such as the current many people like the open blind box play, the player control egg boy successfully through the close will become tide playing blind box, open the blind box happy moment get!Not only that, but eggball Party is fun to play.In the game, players can carry out a variety of play, through running, jumping, tumbling to break through obstacles, complete egg son zhiyong chong.For example, in the “Go Ahead” level, the player has to dodge various obstacles on the field and successfully reach the finish line in a limited amount of time before moving on to the next level.The pendulum obstacle in the “Head-on” level is challenging, with the player having to dodge a swinging pendulum and find a way through it.This level we can not panic, can first storage, such as rolling skills full storage and then see the right time to use rolling skills through at one stroke, try not to use jumping skills to hide the big pendulum, so it is easy to be a hammer swing down, compared to rolling skills more suitable for avoiding the big pendulum.The crazy parts level in Eggball Party tests the player’s flexibility by dodging various parts that fall on the map and then sticking it out to win.In the process of recruit, the map will appear a variety of props, such as bomb, accelerate shoes, spring rope, the props can be used to interfere with, but also should be careful with others interfere with our prop, compared with the boys and girls go inside a simple stage play, added to the egg seed party props have increased interest in the game.In addition, “egg party” square there are many small eggs, other eggs on the square can be arbitrary interaction, but also ride on the head of other eggs, planes on the square, trampoline can also play freely, the fun of the game instantly pull full.Although we did not have the courage to participate in the “Boys and Girls Go forward”, but in the face of Q cute and cute and play a lot of “egg party” mobile game, we can still try, DO not know you have heart?