Agricultural products wholesale market is closed control control how to do?Market supervision bureau: shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center will be temporarily requisitioned

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On February 27, shenzhen held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control.According to Mo Xiling, deputy director of shenzhen Market Supervision Bureau, in order to ensure adequate supply of rice bags and vegetable baskets, the Municipal government attaches great importance to continuously increasing the security of important living materials such as rice, flour, oil, meat, eggs and so on.At present, the market supply of major agricultural products is sufficient and the prices are stable.Up to now, the supply of daily necessities in Shenzhen is abundant and the reserve is sufficient, and there is no shortage of supply and price increase.The average daily slaughter volume of pigs, livestock and poultry production and trading volume, and aquatic product supply were basically flat in the same period of 2021, while reaching the supply level before the Spring Festival of 2022.The average daily supply of vegetables increased by 6.26 percent compared to last week. Among them, the supply of haijixing market hit a record high of more than 6,000 tons on February 24.”Some time ago, due to the impact of the weather, the price of some fluctuations, now when the weather stabilizes, the price will return to stable.”Mo Xiling mentioned that shenzhen’s major farmers’ markets, ten major stores continue to operate normally, to ensure that agricultural products are not out of stock.In view of the supply of agricultural products may appear in the supply of security problems, Mo Xiling said that the need to predict in advance and the introduction of emergency work proposals.In case of difficulties in the transport of agricultural products from other places due to the epidemic, suitable sites will be selected from the surrounding highways to set up emergency activation points that do not touch vegetables from other places, and green channels will be urgently opened for trucks of vegetables from other places.When the wholesale market is closed for control and control, shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center will be temporarily requisition and upgraded as a standby site for temporary distribution of agricultural products. Each district shall provide a standby site for temporary distribution of regional agricultural products.In case of the last kilometer distribution guarantee problem, the relevant district material support group shall be responsible for unblocking the transportation channels and adopting reasonable transportation methods to ensure the delivery in place.Product prices and supplies in increasing the quality of law enforcement inspections, led by market supervision bureau of shenzhen has special working team, strictly to crack down on all kinds of bid up the price, price fraud and other illegal behavior, scientific sampling plan, clear the important node sampling batch, varieties, specific test dates, strictly carry out the supervision and sampling inspection, eliminate potential risks and to ensure the quality of agricultural products.Xu Yi Liu Qian Xi Du Yan Wang Wei South Press Media Group South + client source: South + – create more value