Pursue dream blue sky, Anhui establishe a provincial state-owned enterprise newly

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On the morning of March 29, the establishment and inauguration ceremony of Anhui General Aviation Holding Group Co., Ltd. was held in Hefei, marking an important step forward in the development of general aviation industry in Anhui province. The development system of civil aviation industry, transport airport and general airport “two wings fly together” was formally established.The general aviation industry is a strategic emerging industry supported by the state. Anhui province is the third pilot province in the reform of all-area low-altitude airspace management.As a key market player in the development of Anhui general aviation industry, the newly established Provincial General Aviation Group will raise the benchmark and accelerate the construction of a comprehensive and distinct business system in planning and construction, operation management, industrial development and talent training.Creating common airport construction and operation of investment and financing platform, navigation flight management and service platform, navigation consumer market cultivation and industrial development platform, navigation technology research and development and talent education platform, navigation industry “double double guide” service platform, such as the “big five” platform, service with high quality development in anhui construction of “three area”.International experience shows that the input-output ratio of the general aviation industry is 1:10, and the employment-driven ratio is 1:12.Compared with the single attribute of transport aviation, general aviation has more advantages in entertainment flight, which can meet the emerging consumer demands such as private flight, air sightseeing and parachuting flight services.Shipping industry development can drive the navigable airport construction and the passenger and cargo transportation, passenger and cargo agent, flight school, China aviation oil supply chain, such as air transport service requirements, as well as to the general aviation aircraft engine and aircraft parts maintenance requirements, formed in the area of aircraft leasing, a low new business such as ecological tourism, create new economic growth point.General aviation has unique advantages in emergency rescue and aviation medical rescue. In recent years, general aviation enterprises have played an important role in disaster rescue, disaster relief and post-disaster reconstruction, such as forest and grassland fires, floods and work safety accidents.At present, all parts of the country are competing for the layout of general aviation industry, more than half of the provinces in the country clearly during the “14th Five-year plan” planning to build general aviation airports.It is estimated that the economic scale of China’s general aviation industry can reach 2 trillion yuan conservatively.By 2025, the scale of Anhui general aviation industry is expected to break through 50 billion yuan.Article/photo: Wang Guoliang editor: Ma Cheng tao You might like to grid zheng jie chaired provincial party committee united front work leading group in 2022 the first plenary session and comprehensively deepen reform, efforts to change out a fresh new look in anhui Anhui building the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements Promote the development of new type high quality r&d institutions your ankang code to open it, do how?What should I do if I receive a stream call?Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com