The tiger!The first listed company in Sichuan welcomes the New Year’s Science and Technology Innovation Board

2022-06-08 0 By

On the morning of February 15th, Chengdu Kun Heng Shunwei Technology Co., LTD., a Sichuan enterprise, rang the gong for listing at the western base of Shanghai Stock Exchange.The offering price was 33.8 yuan on the first day and the opening price was 37.88 yuan, up 12.07%.Kun Hengshunwei is the first company listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board in Sichuan in 2022.It is worth mentioning that this is the first on-site listing ceremony of Shanghai Stock Exchange western base.Public information shows that Kun Hengshunwei intends to issue 21 million shares, accounting for 25 percent of the company’s total share capital after issuance.The proposed fund is 292 million yuan, of which 169 million yuan will be used for radio test simulation equipment production base, 69.6554 million yuan for radio test simulation technology RESEARCH and development center, 24,5898 million yuan for radio test simulation open laboratory and 28 million yuan for supplementary working capital.According to the prospectus, Kun Hengshunwei was founded in 2010, the company registered in high-tech zone.Mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of high-end radio test simulation instruments, focusing on mobile communication, wireless networking, radar, electronic countermeasures, Internet of vehicles, navigation and other fields, providing high-end test simulation instruments and system solutions for radio equipment performance and function testing.According to the prospectus disclosure, 2018-2020 and the first half of 2021, Kun Hengshunwei’s operating revenue were 58 million yuan, 105 million yuan, 130 million yuan and 39 million yuan, including the year-on-year growth rate of 2018-2020 were 20.61%, 82.67% and 23.45%, respectively;In the same period, the net profit returned to the mother was 17 million yuan, 32 million yuan, 45 million yuan and 4.326 million yuan, with year-on-year growth rates of 5.65%, 85.5% and 41.83% from 2018 to 2020, respectively.As a company engaged in the development and production of high-end radio instruments, Kun Hengshunwei through independent research and development, master 18 core technologies, the company has obtained 13 invention patents, 22 utility model patents, 32 software Copyrights.It is worth mentioning that Kun hengshunwei participated in scientific research tests for lunar and Mars exploration.The rf microwave signal generator developed by the company has been used in mobile communication, navigation, satellite communication, radar and other fields.The chang ‘e Lunar radar ground simulation test equipment, Mars probe ground simulation test equipment, mobile 5G base station acquisition test simulation and verification equipment developed have played an important role in the construction of major national science and technology projects.Up to now, sichuan science and technology innovation Board listed companies up to 14.