“Gale warning” On February 12, yanyuan County meteorological Observatory issued a blue warning signal of gale “level IV/general”

2022-06-09 0 By

Yanyuan County Meteorological Station issued blue warning signal of gale at 16:04 on February 12: the maximum wind speed of Yanyuan Changbai has reached 14.9m/s.Estimated YanYuan county magistrate, yan jing, right by parker, slopes, middle, and white, embellish salt, xinglong, tong, the acropolis, plum rains, would the villages and towns (street) within the next 24 hours continuously affected by the strong wind, wind up to level 6 or above average wind magnitude 7 above, part of the mountain valley and mountains above average wind up to magnitude 8 or wind magnitude 9 above, please pay attention to strengthen prevention.1. The government and relevant departments should prepare for strong winds.2. Close doors and Windows, reinforce hoardings, scaffolding, billboards and other structures vulnerable to wind, cut off outdoor dangerous power supply, properly place outdoor items vulnerable to wind, and cover construction materials;3. Suspend open-air collective activities and water operations, and return to port for shelter;4. Pay attention to road and driving safety. Do not stay under billboards and temporary structures when it is windy.