How thoughtful!Nanjing this teacher self-made “school opening questionnaire”!

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How are the students doing in winter vacation?Have you finished your homework?Do you have any goals for the new semester?The Asian Women’s Football Cup won the gold medal, and the Winter Olympics failed to win the gold medal.In the new semester, Shen Lei, a teacher of Nanjing Zhiyuan Junior High School, sent each student a questionnaire designed by himself to help them review the winter vacation and warm up for the new semester. He also put forward his own suggestions to parents based on the questionnaire.Reporter Wang Ying, Reporter of Yangtse Evening News/Purple Cow News saw this questionnaire designed a total of 20 questions, including 16 multiple choice questions and 4 short answer questions.Question design winter vacation homework, mobile game management, housework, Winter Olympics, women’s football, etc., such as: How is the implementation of your winter vacation plan?What do you think are the key factors for executing a plan well?How about your winter vacation homework?What methods did you adopt to deal with the problems you encountered in the winter vacation homework?During the winter vacation, do you have good control of mobile phones, games and the Internet?Do you keep doing sports and reading in winter vacation?During the Spring Festival, do you help your family prepare the goods or participate in the housework?…Based on the survey results of students’ questionnaires, shen Lei proposed three suggestions for parents from the perspective of students’ review and preparation for the new semester. Suggestion 1: Guide children to evaluate their independent management in winter vacation by asking questions or talking.The questions in the questionnaire involve the planning and implementation of winter vacation, the completion of winter vacation homework, electronic product management, sports and family life participation, which are important contents of family education and parent-child communication.In the process of analyzing the above problems, parents can ask more questions, ask their children what experience they have in the above aspects, what they have done well, and what are the reasons for the problems.Parents do not do too much evaluation, because at this time the winter vacation has been finalized, the intervention of the process is better than the evaluation of the results.At the end of the winter vacation, the review of winter vacation autonomy, self-discipline, help to improve the level of independent management of children at the beginning of the semester.Suggestion 2: Guide children to talk about goals by the recent popular events such as women’s football and winter Olympics.In the questionnaire, students mentioned popular events and athletes for many times, and the frequently used word was “sportsmanship”.These answers make us believe that they are not hollow people, but flesh and blood with feelings, are highly plastic future talent.This is also the emotional needs and personality growth of students in the process of social development.By communicating hot news with their children, parents can not only effectively narrow the topic of communication with their children, but also exert influence on their children in a very natural situation. Only by inspiring their children with the power of role models and stories to overcome difficulties, set lofty goals, and open their own patterns and horizons can they truly stimulate their drive.William Alexander said, “Commands command, but examples draw.”According to Bandura’s theory, this emphasizes the role of alternative reinforcement in educational practice.Reduce the imperative requirements of parental authority, make full use of educational resources that are difficult to find in winter vacation, and let children chase light and become light.Suggestion 3: Prepare learning tools, hold family meetings, increase the sense of opening ceremony.”Self-requirements, executable plans, and trust and encouragement from parents and teachers” are the top three factors that students believe will help them adapt to the new semester as soon as possible.From the behavior preparation of students, it is not difficult to find that, in addition to the internal cause of action, parents and teachers’ encouragement is also a very important factor.Especially before the start of the school communication, can give children a full sense of security and trust, you know, in the face of the new semester, new tasks and adjustments, children will be nervous, anxious, not confident before the start of the school.Parents can express their support, encouragement and requirements to their children by buying school supplies with their children and sitting down as a family to communicate about the new semester, which can effectively alleviate the discomfort at the beginning of the school year.The sense of ceremony is not limited to schools, nor can it be fully achieved through a single opening ceremony. Parents also have a role to play in this.How is your winter vacation plan carried out() A. good B. fair C. good2. What do you think are the key factors for executing a plan well?() A. self-disciplined B. timely adjusted C.3. How is your winter vacation homework?() A. A b. A C. A D. A4. What methods do you adopt to deal with the problems you meet in the winter vacation homework?() A. What b. What C. What D. What5. Would you like to take an active part in the winter vacation homework exhibition?() A. I finished my homework carefully. I dare to participate in the exhibition. B. I don’t have much confidence in my homework.6. During the winter vacation, do you have a good control of mobile phones, games and the Internet?() A. good B. fair C. good7. Do you keep doing sports and reading in winter vacation?() A. Every day B. three or more times A week C.8. During the Spring Festival, do you help your family prepare the goods or do any housework?() A. often B. occasionally C. occasionally D. occasionally9. Do you follow the Winter Olympics, women’s football and other events?() A. A lot of attention B. occasionally C.10. Do you see any qualities in the athletes (or the designers of the opening ceremony) that you can learn from?A. Yes, I took the initiative to learn the back story, and they gave me the motivation. B. There should be, but I didn’t think much about C.11. As the winter vacation is coming to an end, have you started to adjust your schedule?() A. have started B. plan to start C.12. The new semester is about to begin. Do you have clear goals and expectations?() A. clear B. not clear C. not clearWhat have you done to prepare for the new term?() A. Reading b. reading C. reading D. readingMake plans and measures d. Communicate with teachers and classmates online E.14. What measures do you think will help you adapt to the new semester?() A. what b. what C. What D. whatAn actionable plan D. Do more homework and attend after-school tutoring courses e. Learn from role models 15.Do you have any plans for your weekend study and life in the new semester?() A. yes B. No C. No D. No16. Will you talk to your parents about the new semester before the school starts?() A. already B. ready C.17. Please choose someone or something that impressed you the most during the winter vacation and talk about what it brings to you.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________18.What are your goals for the new term and the actions you will take to achieve them?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________19.The new semester is coming, please give your advice for the development of the class.Do you have any good suggestions for building an excellent class?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________20.What kind of help would you like your teachers or parents to give you?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ proofreading Li Haihui