Most of the dairy products on the tables of Beijing winter Olympic athletes are produced in Ningxia

2022-06-09 0 By

Yang Jiandong, a quality manager of Ningxia Yili Dairy Co., LTD, checks dairy products for the Winter Olympics on Feb. 18 as boxes of beautifully packed shuhua, pure milk and skim pure milk come off the production line.”We plan to provide nearly 500 tons of dairy products to Olympic athletes this year, accounting for the majority of the supply of dairy products for the Winter Olympics. All the milk used is produced from local pastures in Wuzhong.”Yang jiandong said.On January 26, two vans loaded with pure and skim milk from Ningxia Yili Dairy Co., LTD slowly drove to Beijing. The “unique fragrance” of “Wuzhong products” was put on the table of athletes for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.As of Feb. 18, 181 tons of dairy products had been shipped to Beijing to showcase Wu zhong’s “bite of delicious food” in front of the world’s athletes.Yili is the official partner of the Beijing Winter Olympics and has been involved in the Olympics for 17 consecutive years.The dairy products of Ningxia Yili Dairy Co., Ltd. were selected for the Winter Olympics because of their excellent quality.Wuzhong city has become one of the internationally recognized “golden milk source belt”.The average milk fat rate is above 3.8%, the milk protein rate is above 3.2%, the quality reaches the Eu standard, and there is a unique milk flavor.”Ningxia Yili Dairy Co., Ltd. is the largest liquid milk monomer factory in the global dairy industry, with annual revenue exceeding 10 billion yuan and annual output exceeding 1 million tons. Its actual capacity, annual revenue and annual output all rank first among liquid milk monomer factories in the world.”Company administrative manager Huang Cheng said.In recent years, Wuzhong city closely around the autonomous region to build “100 billion milk industry” and “high-end milk town” target positioning, stronger leading, bigger base, do enough forage grass, do excellent quality, promote the industry to the whole chain integration, intensive and efficient, circular health, sustainable high-end direction of development.This year, the comprehensive output value of the dairy industry is expected to reach 24 billion yuan, with 100,000 jobs and 40,000 yuan per capita annual income.Up to now, Wuzhong has cultivated and introduced 10 dairy processing enterprises such as Yili, New Hope and Xuequan, and built the world’s largest liquid milk monomer production base with a daily processing capacity of 6,000 tons, accounting for 60% of the whole region, and realized the output value of dairy processing of 12 billion yuan.Dairy cattle stock accounts for 43% of the total, and daily production of fresh milk is 3,600 tons, accounting for 45% of the total.The company has introduced 10 packaging enterprises such as Huiwei and 9 logistics enterprises such as Changran, forming a whole industrial chain connecting upstream and downstream.(Ningxia Daily reporter Zhang Guochang/intern Peng Bin/photo)