Only one day of good weather, early Friday, beihai Silver Beach scenic area people mountain

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The whole Spring Festival holiday, Beihai city is almost shrouded in cold rain weather, 90-year-old grandfather said that this is the first time he spent such a Spring Festival, it can be seen that beihai city this year this Spring Festival weather is very special.Oneself in rural home from New Year’s eve to the first four, in addition to eating and sleeping, basic is in the fire.On Friday, beihai city finally ushered in the good weather for a long time. Everyone went out and basked in the sunshine for a long time.As the flagship scenic spot of Beihai city, silver Beach scenic area also ushered in the most popular day of this year’s Spring Festival holiday.He and his family went to the Silver Beach scenic spot from the countryside.Today, guangdong Road and Shanghai intersection parking shared bikes are much more than in the past, it can be seen that today’s popularity of Silver Beach is really good.Silver Beach tide street in an endless stream of visitors, many are old and young family to play silver Beach.Because the three gates of the scenic spot are all open at the same time during the Spring Festival holiday, although there is a large passenger flow today, the order is orderly, and people hardly need to queue to enter the scenic spot, just scan the code to enter.Big silver Beach scenic area of the three areas, the tide carving square is the most popular area.The day’s popularity at the Silver Beach scenic spot reached its peak in the evening because of the tide sculpture multimedia light show at 8 p.m.A few nights ago, because of the cold rain, everyone did not dare to go out. Tonight, when the weather finally came, everyone flocked to silver Beach to watch the tide carving multimedia light show. But because of the surge of traffic, There was a big jam on Guangdong Road.The fifth day is the only day of good weather in beihai during the whole Spring Festival holiday. The sixth day begins with another wave of rainy days coming.If the weather of this year’s Spring Festival holiday is like that of the fifth day, the tourist popularity of Beihai during this holiday is another scene. After all, this year’s Spring Festival holiday is the first new appearance of many tourist attractions such as Beihai City silver Beach scenic spot, which is particularly beautiful and interesting.Unfortunately, due to the bad weather, this Spring Festival holiday, the tourism heat in Beihai is much worse than in previous years (except 2020 due to the impact of the epidemic).