Six “key words” for 2022 Spring Festival Travel

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Shanghai xinhua finance on Feb. 7 (xinhua) ai-ping Chen several tourism platform 6 release inventory, according to data in epidemic prevention and control under the background of normalization, the lunar New Year of the tiger lunar New Year holiday 7 days, tourism market continues to recover, ice and snow tourism, cold weather, holidaying, nearly Cheng Wei tourism, wenbo, such as holiday hotel segment of the market is active.Key words: Winter Olympics 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics “encounter” Lunar New Year holiday, ice and snow sports, ice and snow tourism consumption heating up.In terms of attention, the search heat for “Winter Olympics” increased 200 percent on The Ctrip platform on February 4, the opening day of the Winter Olympics.On the Hornet’s Nest platform, searches related to the Winter Olympics, such as “ice and snow” and “skiing” in Beijing during the Spring Festival holiday, have increased more than 215% on average since early January.Shanghai, Guangzhou and other southern cities have also become hot cities for ice and snow consumption due to their increasingly rich resources of ice and snow sports, ice and snow culture and travel consumption and their growing customer base.Experts from the Culture and Tourism Industry Research Institute of Qichuang Tourism Group have similar observations: On the one hand, residents in northern provinces are still the main tourist group for ice and snow tourism;On the other hand, residents of the first – and second-tier cities in the south have shown strong “staying power” in consumption.Ctrip also pointed out that the professionalism of snow and ice consumers is continuously improving, which is confirmed by the annual increase in the re-purchase rate of snow and ice tourism and sports products.In terms of boosting tourism consumption, same-trip big data shows that during the Spring Festival of 2022, the order volume of snow and ice scenic spots in China increased by 68% compared with the same period of last year.Ice skating rink, ski resort, ice and snow theme park and other destinations experiencing ice and snow sports attract more attention from tourists than ice and snow sightseeing scenic spots.Ctrip saw a 33 percent year-on-year increase in ski ticket orders in the first three days of the holiday.In recent years, “one south and one north” has become a trend of long line travel during Spring Festival holidays.While the ice and snow tourism destinations in northeast and North China are heating up, the tourism consumption market in Hainan is also booming.On Ctrip’s platform, air ticket bookings to Hainan during the Spring Festival increased by more than 40% year-on-year.The rich health tourism resources in Hainan are favored by the young and middle-aged users.According to Shanghai Spring Tourism, hotel orders in Hainan increased 60 percent year on year, and scenic spot ticket orders increased 25 percent.It is worth mentioning that ticket orders for local night attractions increased by 90% year-on-year.According to same-trip travel data, hainan’s tourism market ushered in the “Indian Summer” during this year’s Spring Festival holiday, with a 96% year-on-year increase in hotel room bookings.Keywords three: short-range data show that the Spring Festival holiday short-range, short-term travel market is very strong.Fang Zeqian, an industry analyst with Ctrip Research Institute, pointed out that the trend of short-distance local tourism is obvious this Spring Festival, with major scenic spots, downtown business districts and historical and cultural blocks across the country attracting tourists out of their homes.Statistics show that over 80% of tourists choose to visit local scenic spots during the Spring Festival holiday.Tickets for local scenic spots on Ctrip’s platform account for 82% of the total;Local hotels account for about 60% of bookings, which also shows the greater popularity of local tourism.The metropolitan areas centered on Shanghai, Nanjing and Hangzhou have seen the largest influx of holiday crowds, and these cities are also the most popular starting points during the Spring Festival, according to same-trip data.On the hornet’s nest platform, 70.8% of the young people choose their local city or suburb “one-day tour”.Keywords four: Hotel Data shows that “hotel + New Year’s Eve dinner” and “hotel vacation” are more favored by consumers.In terms of destinations, the number of overnight hotel reservations on the same trip platform in Xinjiang increased by 110% compared with last Year’s Spring Festival, while hotels in Jilin, Anhui and Hubei also saw a significant increase.Data from Ctrip showed that as of Feb 5, the proportion of accommodation groups from third-tier, fourth-tier and fifth-tier cities increased by 13 percent year-on-year and 34 percent from the 2019 Spring Festival holiday, indicating the sinking of hotel spending activity.In terms of consumption characteristics, people pay more attention to safety and experience.The person in charge of the same trip analysis, the Yangtze River Delta region travel, home crowd more inclined to choose the health and safety of the security of the hotel, high star and convenient transportation location of the hotel is more in line with people’s “hotel New Year” demand.According to Ctrip, as of Feb 5, orders for staying for two consecutive days during the Spring Festival rose 26% year on year, and orders for staying for three consecutive days rose 35%.Feature hotels such as ice and snow, e-sports, drama, video and audio further enrich tourists’ accommodation experience. For example, holiday orders of e-sports rooms increased by more than 80% year on year.According to the analysis of Honeycomb Platform, consumers tend to pay for experience. Whether it is sanya, a popular destination for long-term travel, or local hotels, resorts and b&Bs, people are most concerned about whether they can enjoy a rich New Year’s Eve dinner and abundant New Year’s Activities while staying in a hotel.This year’s Spring Festival holiday coincides with the first winter holiday after the “double reduction”, providing parents and families with a pleasant “opportunity to walk their children”.According to, the peak travel period for this year’s Spring Festival holiday is from Feb 2 to Feb 4.People born in the 1980s and 1990s are still the most active travelers, accounting for more than 60% of the total.Family guest group is the main force.Ticket data from Ctrip showed that family orders accounted for nearly 40% of the total orders during this year’s Spring Festival holiday, and family visits to scenic spots spent 31% more than orders from non-family groups.Among them, parent-child orders of the post-80s are six times more than those of the post-90s, and the post-80s spend 10 percent more on taking their children to scenic spots than the post-90s.Although affected by the epidemic, people’s travel radius has been reduced, the atmosphere of the Spring Festival is not weak, and the Spring Festival tourism market is characterized by “promoting travel through literature”.Data from the same trip show that the order volume of humanistic scenic spots increased 200% year on year.The ancient town of Daca, historical gardens, “See the Tiger in the Year of the Tiger”, the museum to see the New Year exhibition, etc., are popular among young tourists.According to, culture-themed trips such as lantern festivals, New Year customs experiences and intangible cultural heritage performances add to the flavor of the New Year.Take Shanghai as an example. In the first four days of the seven-day Spring Festival holiday in the Year of the Tiger, Shanghai received more than 5.98 million tourists. There were nearly 500 cultural travel activities themed “Happy New Year, New Experience of Intangible Cultural Heritage”.People deeply experience the urban cultural tourism resources in Shanghai Urban Archaeology.Statement: Xinhua Finance is a national financial information platform contracted by Xinhua News Agency.Under no circumstances does the information published on this platform constitute investment advice.