Win over world No. 1 and No. 2, 9-4 lead overturned, mentality over skill?

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A few trips to the battlefield.Flash to move zhi hard pay, honest heart a silver ball dance, not won the champion would not rest.Which is more important in table tennis, mentality or skill?It’s a chicken-and-egg question that even experts struggle to give an accurate answer.We can only say that technology is the foundation, there is no excellent technical level, no matter how good the mentality of the battlefield.A good mentality is the guarantee of the play of technology, bad mentality, how good technology can not achieve the final victory.There are roughly three types of table tennis players.The first is excitability, also known as overperformance.This kind of players have very good psychological quality. Every time they participate in large competitions, they are very excited in their hearts, and they can often exert their skills from ten to twelve percent in the competition.These players are also coaches’ favorites, but they are rare animals and are rarely seen for years.Only Liu Guoliang, Ma Lin, Zhang Jike and Xu Xin joined Waldner of Sweden and Yu Seung-min of South Korea in the men’s table tennis team.Among the women’s table tennis players are Deng Yaping of China, Hyun Jung-wha of South Korea and Mimato ITO of Japan.Mimato ITO ranks no. 1 in psychological quality and no. 100 in technical level.The second is the calm type, also known as the smooth type.Many of these players are honed in the competition, the psychological state is relatively stable when participating in the competition, can play to the normal technical level of more than 80%.Among the players in each association, such players are relatively more, but also the cornerstone of each team.Such as active players Ma Long, Fan Zhendong, Sun Yingsha, Wang Manyu and so on.The third is the imbalance type, also known as the tension type.This is the type of player coaches fear the most.They play well when they are relaxed, but sometimes they do not play half as well when they are tense in a big match.Zhou Qihao and Yu Ziyang fall into this category, as does Lin Yunru, a young general from Taiwan, who is quite skilled but too shy.Of course, these three categories are not absolute. In many cases, they have different results because of the different environment and personal situation at that time. For example, xu Yingbin, the player we are going to talk about today, has different results.W TT Macau championship quarterfinals, Xu Yingbin against Fan Zhendong, Xu Yingbin played very good, dare to fight, fierce fight, 18 to 16 win the first game.In the second set Fan zhendong struggled to come back 11-9.Such two bureau scores, make Xu Yingbin has extremely strong confidence, the third bureau even played fan Zhendong 11 to 2 lopsided scores.She won the fourth set 11-6 and beat world number one Fan 3-1 to reach the last four.”I have a good mentality. I have no pressure.”Xu Yingbin believes that the turning point is to win the first game, “the mentality is put down, not so anxious, playing better and better, more release.”2020 Table Tennis Super league, Shantou Mingrun team and Huangshi base competition.The world’s second high representative shantou MingRun Lin and represent the Yellowstone base Xu Yingbin, Xu Yingbin big score 2-0 lead, Lin high strength equalised, but Xu Yingbin under huge pressure, firmly take the decider, big score 3-2 victory over world number two high, Lin helped Yellowstone team 2-1 lead.In 2019 South Korea open the second qualifying round, Xu Yingbin and Sweden’s carlson, the first six innings tied 3 than 3 -, decider Xu Yingbin leading than 4 in 9 cases, mentality change, seek stability, wants his opponent to his error, the result by carlson to 8 to 9, Xu Yingbin sideways loop first line, spelling a points, at ten to eight,But again slowed the pace, no longer fight, the result was karlsson 13 to 11 reverse.From the last few key points, xu Yingbin is still too young, the key moment serve did not change, too stable, dare not fight.In the semifinal of men’s singles of W TT Macau Championship, Xu Yingbin fought against Lin Gaoyuan again.After the first set was tied 10-10, Lin gaoyuan took the initiative and edged out the first set 13-11.Then, she easily defeated Xu Yingbin 11-7, 11-5, 11-5 to reach the final.If xu yingbin wins the first round of the semifinal by a fluke, his mind is not out of balance, then the results of the last three rounds will be another matter, it is not possible that he will beat the world no. 2 Lin Gaoyuan again.Judging from the results of his four games, his skill is not a problem, the key to success or failure is the mentality.Relax, put down the gains and losses, to fight doggedly mentality, he can beat the world no. 1 Fan Zhendong and the world no. 2 Lin Gaoyuan, on the contrary, worry about gains and losses, timid, even in the tiebreaker 9-4 lead, can be reversed by the opponent.From this point of view, the importance of mentality in the competition is stronger than technology.Inspirational battlefield meaning determined, success or failure full word pad.How many years can you beat a ball and even your business?