Feburary 9: the pig price has fallen sharply, many places return to “6”, what’s going on?

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Start, start is red, but for farmers, is the first to eat a candy, slaps a today, the field a bit speechless and pain, things change there will be a demon, with prices plummet, farmers in the mind is cold “, “more prices but also by the” 7 “to return to the initial digit” 6 “,Local pig price is a foot into the ‘5 head’, so that many farmers in the heart of panic, this is how it is?As is known to all, after the lunar New Year holiday, the pig, negative emotions, on the one hand, the most important is pork consumption side, can say that in the days before the “tide” after the replenishment, most citizens by eating meat during the Spring Festival is a bit more at the same time, the recent can say no intention to purchase, and consumption of pork into atrophy stage, this is a serious shortage of support for terminal white pig consumption,Thus the rise of hog prices to form a heavy negative effect.On the other hand is the live pig market side, supporting the front, the logic of this wave of prices upward, or under the influence of a new round of rain and snow weather, due to the large range of this round of rain and snow, as the returning passenger flows superposition, road transport limited, slaughtering enterprises present pig source shortage, wholesale market pork the arrival of the goods, reducing tu qi to smooth pigs, has a price, just,This pig price rise or more is a flash in the pan, with the weather improved, farmers to enhance the mood of the market pig supply is relatively loose, the market to buy and sell back to normal, pig price decline is still the main theme.According to the feed industry information network, the first day of construction, feed raw material prices soared across the line, including soybean meal rose to 4100 yuan/ton, compared with the previous day jumped 250 yuan/ton.The jump in soybean meal prices was caused by the CBOT soybean futures market, which rose to its highest level in eight months during the Lunar New Year holiday due to bad weather and a drop in soybean production in major soybean producing countries such as Brazil and Argentina.The spot price of 43% protein soybean meal jumped by 400 yuan/ton during the Spring Festival and has continued to rise.The industry is expected to strong soybean meal market surge, with downstream demand side stocking demand, soybean meal growth is likely to continue.Part of the personage inside course of study also predicts that the year of the tiger after the Spring Festival, the annual aquaculture will usher in the peak season period, under the pressure of raw material continues to surge, the aquatic product material is expected to raise prices, buoyed by rising feed in succession, lost a lot of pressure bar of farmers is heavy, the pressure bar, the more loss than the chance to sell pigs is advisable.For many farmers now, probably more concerned about a problem, that is this pig down cycle when will usher in a turning point in the end, end the successive losses, it is better to let farmers slow tone, earn less money, after all, calculate, it has been lost, for the pig industry is extremely bad, usually watch live pig production is declining, we want to see the overall breeding stock,The number of breeding sows is an important factor, which directly reflects the future trend of available pig production.It is more accurate to judge the “inflection point” of pig cycle trend by the number of breeding sows.Can and will look in the present, the domestic numerous sow herds has been declining, according to relevant data show that in 2021 in June to the peak of the numerous sow breeding stock has reached the stage 45.64 million head, and with a series of adjustment and control, to numerous sow breeding stock has been gradually falling, as of the end of 2021, has been reduced to 43.29 million.If continue to maintain this momentum, is expected to end in the first quarter of this year, in the second quarter, numerous sow the amount is expected to be able to reduce to 41 million head, the prices will also enter a plateau, to end the state of the succession of crash, the darkest hour is that before the dawn, now may be a dark before the dawn of time,It is suggested that breeding friends treat with calm attitude, try every means to reduce cost and increase efficiency, enhance the core competitiveness of the pig farm, we must stay up until the dawn after darkness.According to the pig price monitoring system, in the 26 provinces and cities monitored today, the pig price has 1 up 24 down 1 level, falling areas accounted for 92% of all monitored, the pig market as a whole is almost in the “overall decline” situation.(Source:Prices) system as a whole, today compared with yesterday, pig pig city, it may be said to a “big reversal”, make a lot of farmers out of this’ small rise in feels really bad, more negative in the present, also make a lot of farmers have lost confidence in the afternoon, as long as we don’t opportunistic, calm down, just hold your horses, we should farmers earn money,Must not be what difficult, we wish every pay have a return.Tomorrow’s pig price trend: combined with the recent pig market factors analysis, it is expected that tomorrow’s pig price will show a “large area of decline” trend.The above pig market interpretation, for your reference, welcome to exchange views on the pig market, grasp the market dynamics, we will not only raise pigs, but also sell pigs, because pigs are apprentices, will sell pigs is the master.