GS4 liuzhou Trumpchi welcome to inquire, maximum discount 6.68%

2022-06-11 0 By

It’s time to change your car and change your mood. Recently, the liuzhou Xiangwen Store of GAC Trumpchi will offer the highest discount of 6.68% from February 04 to February 04.Look forward to your visit promotion time from February 04, 2022 to February 04, 2022 Preferential terms in store insurance, in-store licensing, in-store loans, in-store replacement Trumpchi GS4 latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price discount range Liuzhou quoted 270TManual comfort edition 89,800 yuan 0.600 yuan 83,800 yuan 270T Manual Elite edition 103,800 yuan 0.600 yuan 97,800 yuan 270T DCT Excellent enjoy edition 113,800 yuan 0.600 yuan 107,800 yuan 270T automatic wisdom line pilot edition 119,800 yuan 0.600 yuan 113,800 yuan 270TAutomatic wisdom travel technology edition 126,800 yuan 128,800 yuan 270T automatic wisdom travel flagship edition 131,800 yuan 106,600 yuan 125,800 yuan