Tomorrow the stock market may adjust, try not to low suction, patience to wait for a small rebound next week

2022-06-11 0 By

Today’s close, two city turnover estimates and created a new low in the near future, the recent stock market problem is no turnover.When the stock market pulled up in the morning, there was a trading volume, but there was no trading volume in the afternoon. As of the close, the trading volume of the two cities was only 800 billion yuan.Today trading volume before high after low, estimate is the result that solution sets dish to rush out in the morning, the market is large, did not add funds again in the afternoon.Performance on dish mouth, be the sort of that I judge, blunt high fall just.Today is high, or because yesterday’s closing point is too low.The 5-day moving average of the Shanghai Composite index continues to come down tomorrow, so the pressure level will be lower tomorrow, and the stock market will be more difficult to rebound.The trend for the Shanghai Composite index tomorrow is down, with a median gain or loss of around 0.5%.So the Shanghai Composite index must make up today’s jump vacancy.But tomorrow’s drop is a bit more volatile.Because Thursday’s stock market was influenced by Monday, it was caused by a double cross.So tomorrow’s drop in the stock market is not an overnight move, but a repeated decline, and possibly a high dive.So tomorrow the stock market must control both hands, cannot be confused by the illusion of dish buy.So there’s a good chance that Thursday will be black Thursday.Non-ferrous plate index fund, as of today’s close, still a little loss, early look at the valuation, are out of the set.Although the index is down tomorrow, but nonferrous metals may also have prices, so today did not sell nonferrous metals fund, see tomorrow nonferrous metals plate will rise against the trend of the market.In theory, non-ferrous plate market tomorrow, but the only worry is that non-ferrous plate will follow the market down.So it’s a dilemma to sell or not to sell.About the infrastructure sector, I looked at the next week and the next week’s qimen portfolio yesterday, or intermittent market, infrastructure sector certainly has not seen the bottom.Have capital construction plate chip or should insist to hold, do not fear market adjustment, without also do not suggest chase up, if at the end of the month capital construction plate follows market slump, can copy bottom, but do not weigh cang.Photovoltaic plate and chip plate this month is certainly not escape, the vast majority of shareholders or basic people like me, deep set, whether stocks or funds are so.Fortunately, I made T twice this time, and the cost decreased a little. I will buy to make T in early March.In March, photovoltaic plate should have another market, chip and non-ferrous plate next month is probably low before high, we will talk about it in detail.