Wang Yibo take the route of power faction, Wu Qian film resources abuse, Zheng Ye into the status quo

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The entertainment circle is a mysterious place, there are a lot of artists living inside, they each have their own charm, each have their own style, but also to everyone brought a lot of happiness.So, who do you want to know?Take a look at the following little gossip!Wang Yibo’s data is quite good, in the circle of public praise is quite good, plus itself is the top flow, so the resources are really good.In a stream of small students, his competitiveness is also very strong.The resources available to him are s-plus, and he’s starting to get into drama.His current plan is to be a force player. In other words, he has been moving in that direction.In addition to picking scripts, he will also pick the artists to cooperate with, he prefers to find a strong senior partner.As for the rank and all, I don’t care. That’s a great attitude.His current focus is on film, and if he can do well in that area, that would be great.Of course, he is young now, there are many opportunities.Wu Qian now career dedication is still very strong, shooting TV series is also one after another.However, her film and television resources are really abusive, first of all, her resources are basically her own side to contact, followed by the level of resources, basically are not what big production.It is a pity that if she had not got married and had children because of her love brain, she would be the first sister of Huace Company.Now that she’s back on her career, she’s taken the top spot.Of course, her heat and resources are warming up, can get up again, depends on luck.Jeong is a talented but unlucky male artist.He obviously has the appearance level has the acting ability, the business ability is strong, but because of the company contract delay.Fortunately, things have now been resolved between him and his former company, and the quality of resources has improved.He has two pieces of good news. One is the actor from the period production Hidden Mother, talking about his schedule.There is a big IP “fox Demon little Matchmaker” adapted one of the series, the male master is also talking about him.Finally, I hope you can follow the stars rationally, learn the advantages of the artists, and do better yourself.