Hefei municipal government actively prepare for snow removal to ensure smooth

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According to the weather forecast, Hefei will see heavy rain and snow in the next few days.On January 25, the reporter learned from the Hefei Municipal Administration that the municipal departments have taken many measures to do a good job of snow removal and ice preparation.Since 2022, according to the latest version of the municipal administration bridge facilities rain, snow and freezing disaster treatment plan, the Municipal Municipal Affairs Office has been divided into eight emergency response units, implementing grid management, and strictly implementing epidemic prevention and control measures simultaneously.At the same time, a number of emergency response teams with fast response speed and strong mechanical operation ability have been set up, and more than 300 emergency response team members are on standby for emergency.”Once the snow is heavy, under the condition of meeting the prevailing conditions or small night traffic flow, resolutely implement the closed snow removal operation mode of viaduct, improve the disposal efficiency, eliminate traffic safety hazards, ensure that the road can be restored in the shortest possible time during the snow days, and ensure that citizens can travel.”Relevant person in charge said.According to the plan, for sections with complete traffic system on the ground, Bridges will be closed timely for snow removal, and public reminders will be given to car owners in time.Improve the disposal efficiency, eliminate the snow removal equipment and social vehicles mixed safety risks.In case of heavy snow or more, or the possibility of large area icing on the bridge, the closed quick snow removal operation should be carried out in the night window period when the traffic flow is small and the ground traffic is unobstructed at night. The operation should be completed before the morning rush hour and the traffic can be released as soon as possible.Hefei municipal authorities have strengthened material reserves, overhauled and adjusted snow removal equipment, and all staff have been deployed to prepare for a “tough battle”.”2,100 tons of snowmelt agent, more than 20,000 liters of diesel and other supplies, as well as its own 74 sets of integrated snow plows, loaders, graders, independent spusers, sliding loaders and other emergency equipment are in place at each major emergency point.”Relevant person in charge.At the same time, to ensure the timely and stable supply of materials, equipment in good condition available at any time, increase the delivery and supply of signs, safety cones, anti-collision barrels, warning belts;Suppliers are required to set up storage warehouses of snowmelt agents in the city to prevent the supply of snowmelt agents when traffic is interrupted due to road closures.With the increasing mileage of urban roads and Bridges, in order to solve the shortage of emergency equipment caused by the surge of facilities, the Municipal Administration recently rented 58 sets of emergency equipment, including 10 sets of de-icing aerial operation vehicles, to prevent the freezing of viaduct after snow and travel risks.At present, all equipment has been distributed to each snow removal unit, comprehensively improving the level of mechanized snow removal.The Spring Festival is approaching, in the face of the coming winter snow and snow, Hefei Municipal Administration is ready to escort the citizens returning home and make every effort to win the pre-festival snow removal battle.Hefei newspaper all media reporter Wu Qi tao Xiaoyu intern