“Peace has my yi fan wind shun” Yiyang transportation to protect the Spring Festival waterway safety

2022-06-12 0 By

Yiyang water transport staff on-site guide vehicle safety transition.Rednet time correspondent Peng Yiming reported in Yiyang, “The snow is coming as scheduled, and the Town of Hukou is under the same roof; the traffic is too high at Saidu. It is recommended to initiate an emergency plan to protect the traffic…”Anhua Xiaoyan Ferry 0479 ferry has a car not set triangle wood, please anhua center quickly remind rectification……”One instruction methodically issued from the Yiyang Water emergency rescue center, a branch of emergency teams rushed to the scene in accordance with the instructions, which is the epitome of “safe with me, Yi Fan and smooth” special Spring Festival safety action.On the second day of the first lunar month, yiyang people were still immersed in the atmosphere of the Spring Festival, but the Yiyang Water Emergency Rescue Center was nervous and orderly. The relevant person in charge with the personnel on duty kept switching the monitoring screen of 62 medium and large ferries in Yiyang city, paying close attention to the snow situation, traffic flow, whether the ferries were operated according to regulations, etc.According to the needs of the scene command Yiyang city 8 emergency rescue teams to implement rapid disposal.Twenty minutes after receiving the order at the Ferry in Ziyang District, two emergency teams arrived at the scene from water and land respectively to clear traffic.A group of officers driving “Haixun 09129” patrol on the surface, constantly through the VHF remind vessels to pay attention to navigation safety, two hours later, the rescue “Haixun 09019” arrived at the scene of the waters;Another group of personnel in the ferry terminal road, assist township management personnel to maintain driving order, guide the ferries to do a good job of epidemic prevention and control, and urge them to sail in strict accordance with the water transport system.At the same time, the two groups of personnel publicized the knowledge of water traffic safety during the Spring Festival transportation to the ships under their jurisdiction in the command gap, and enhanced the safety responsibility consciousness of the ships and sailors.Yiyang water transport line supervision ferry to strengthen epidemic prevention and control and transport safety.Yiyang city for days, continuous rain and snow weather, smell of snow and yiyang city water affairs center, rapidly start the emergency plan, bad weather fixed-point unattended and water flow control, dredge the water traffic, maintenance during the Spring Festival waterway navigation order, and take 24 hours on duty system, strengthen the video of the ferry, and timely dispatching water disposal of emergency power,On February 3, the weather cleared up, and all the personnel on duty heaved a sigh of relief. At the same time, they were preparing for the coming return peak and the biggest rain and snow weather in the year of the Tiger from February 5, so as to ensure the safety and smooth flow of waterways under their administration during the Spring Festival.