There is “modern glue” on the terracotta Warriors, which is not the product of that era. Why did it appear?

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As the “eighth wonder of the world”, the Mausoleum of The First Emperor of Qin is known to everyone. In the long excavation process of the Mausoleum of the First Emperor of Qin, there have been a lot of very interesting and very “weird” things.For example, researchers at Northwestern University recently discovered a very strange gray clay substance on the terracotta Warriors. What kind of substance is it, which has puzzled countless researchers?Is it ancient black technology that there is “modern glue” on the Terracotta Warriors?Or what?According to the researchers, the terra-gray material was found in the broken parts of the terra-cotta warriors, and the researchers used advanced equipment and in-depth analysis to determine that it was a multi-purpose composite adhesive.The main purpose of this material is to glue the various parts of the terracotta warriors together.Remember this is a repair material, mainly made from animal glue and eggs, so it’s also a protein glue.In our modern times, such adhesives are very common, and there are many researchers working on them today.However, the “modern glue” on the terracotta warriors during the Qin Dynasty is very puzzling. It can be said that at that time, such glue was just like black technology.In fact, there are not a few black technology products in the Qin Dynasty, just like the train. We all know that it was born after 1825, but as early as 2000 years ago in the Qin Dynasty, something very similar to the train already appeared.As archaeological excavations continue, researchers have found that during the Qin Dynasty (206 bD-221 AD), the royal and noble families often traveled by carriage, which was beautifully decorated and spacious. If they traveled a long distance, they could even sleep in the carriage.Of course, carriages were not uncommon, but what is interesting is that during the Qin Dynasty, a “galloping road” was built for carriages all over the country, which played a role just like today’s train tracks, allowing carriages to move more smoothly and quickly on the track.There has been a lot of research and research on the “galloping Road”, all the clues that it is very similar to today’s railway track.And the qin dynasty excavated in 2015 soldiers first used in war, as the ancient one of the most common cold ones, the crossbow nothing strange, but after the further study of the researchers only to their surprise, the qin dynasty crossbow should have 1 km’s ability to hit the target, can say its range and lethality than many modern pistol, surprising.Many netizens said that the qin Dynasty was more than 2,000 years ago, and the level of science and technology at that time could not be so high. Many of the things excavated should not be the products of that period. Could the Emperor really have had contact with aliens?Was the Qin Dynasty so developed because of the advice and help from aliens?Was it true that Qin Shihuang had contact with aliens?The notion of qin shi huang contact with aliens not unfounded, as early as the eastern jin period, it had in the gleanings, relevant records, the author recorded the qin shi huang had met in a trip “people” of nanyang canal, when they take the “spiral” landed in the sea, then also for qin shi huang taught a lot of advanced knowledge.As to the credibility of the record, in fact, mainly to see the gleanings of the type of the ancient books, if it is a very serious epic records book, it should still have certain basis, but in fact the gleanings “is just a myth and mystery novels like” strange stories “, it should be a combination of folklore and the author’s rich imagination,So the credibility is not very high.Although a series of archaeology of the Qin Dynasty has indeed found many strange objects or phenomena, in the face of those ancient “black technology”, we can only sigh with the wisdom of the ancients is very powerful.In the face of those who are pointed out by aliens or through the argument, it seems that the credibility is not too high, perhaps all the time, we have underestimated the wisdom of our ancient people, to know that in the past for a long period of time, our China has been in the world’s most developed degree.