Take concrete actions to honor the solemn commitment of “green Hosting the Olympics”

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News from our newspaper (reporter Li Xin, Wang Yupeng, Wu Zhanyun, Lu Guangtao) mentioned the green Winter Olympics, we will notice, “water Cube” into “ice Cube”, Shougang industrial heritage incarnated “snow flying”, more than 1,000 hydrogen buses shuttle in the stadium, three major competition area 26 venues to achieve 100% green electricity supply……China has fulfilled its solemn commitment to host the Green Olympics with concrete actions, demonstrating to the world China’s strong determination and unremitting efforts to pursue green development and build a beautiful China.A press conference is held during the beautiful China green Winter Olympics 2022 in Beijing, capital of China, Feb. 18, 2022.Wang Jinnan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and President of the Institute of Environmental Planning of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, and officials of relevant departments and bureaus of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment will be invited to brief us and answer questions from the press.We will highlight the concept of green hosting the Olympic Games, combine the development of sports with the promotion of ecological civilization, and ensure that sports facilities are harmoniously integrated with the natural landscape, so that people can not only enjoy the endless charm of ice and snow sports, but also enjoy the ecological beauty of nature.This is not only a vivid interpretation of the Olympic spirit by the Chinese civilization, but also an in-depth practice of Xi Jinping’s thought on ecological civilization in the Beijing Winter Olympics.The Chinese government do the full implementation of green initiatives, fully using the bird’s nest, water cube, wukesong Olympic venues, original new space from the design source to reduce the environmental impact, the national oval “ice ribbon” has become the world’s first use carbon dioxide across a critical avenue oval straight cold ice making system, carbon close to zero;All venues for the Winter Olympics will meet green building standards and use 100% of their regular energy from green electricity.Energy-saving and clean energy vehicles accounted for 84.9 percent of the total number of guaranteed vehicles, the highest ever.In the opening ceremony to “no ignition” instead of “lit”, to “small fire” instead of raging fire, fully reflects low carbon environmental protection, can say that this is a new starting point of the green Olympics.Beijing has become the first “carbon neutral” Winter Olympics to date.We have seen reports in the media and authoritative magazines that confirm this, with China hosting a “green” Winter Olympics and demonstrating its leadership in green technology.Since the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, China has made unremitting efforts to clean up air pollution in Beijing and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.Improving Beijing’s ecological and environmental quality, especially the air quality during the games, is also a solemn commitment made by China in its bid to host the Winter Olympics.A series of major measures have been taken to protect the ecological environment and improve Beijing’s air quality.In 2021, all six major pollutants in Beijing met the standard for the first time, and the concentration of fine particulate matter dropped to 33 micrograms per cubic meter, down 40 percent from 2017. The number of good days reached 288, 62 more than 2017. “Beijing blue” is increasingly becoming the norm.In particular, during the Winter Olympics, Beijing’s air quality reached the best level since the pM_2.5 monitoring began, and the concentration of PM_2.5 even appeared in single digits on several days.The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) spoke highly of Beijing’s achievements in air pollution control, saying that Beijing has created a miracle of air pollution control in megacities and provided valuable experience for cities in developing countries.Qinghai Daily (February 19, 2022, 5th edition: Beijing Winter Olympics) statement: The above content, except for the source of the original qinghai Daily, is strictly prohibited to reprint without written permission!