Uni-k iDD has an integrated range of 1100km

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In June 2021, Changan automobile officially released iDD hybrid power system.Blue Whale iDD hybrid power system through high-performance blue Whale engine, high efficiency Blue Whale electric drive transmission, super capacity PHEV battery and intelligent control system, to meet the “full speed domain, full field, full temperature domain, full time driving and control scene and vehicle demand.The 4th Haikou International New Energy and Intelligent Connected Vehicle Exhibition opened on January 6.Changan Passenger car high-end product series UNI actively embrace the new energy era, with the theme of “Pre-enjoy the new realm of hybrid”, announced the official pre-sale of UNI-K iDD in the form of live broadcast. The official pre-sale price of the two models is 176,900 yuan to 192,900 yuan.Uni-k iDD also offers a $1,699 iDD Sports Streamer kit and a $1,999 iDD Comfort And Sensory Suite, offering personalized options.Uni-k iDD is the first vehicle equipped with blue Whale iDD hybrid power system. Uni-k iDD lives up to the position of “zero anxiety” electric hybrid SUV.It is composed of blue Whale NE 1.5T hybrid special engine, Blue Whale three clutch electric drive transmission, large capacity PHEV battery and iDD intelligent control system.Powered by a 30.74kwh high-capacity PHEV battery and powered exclusively by BEV mode, uni-K iDD’s NEDC has a pure electric range of 130km, easily meeting the demands of daily urban commuting.The UNI-K iDD has three power modes: HEV, EV and I-X (custom).Among them, the HEV mode is oil-electric hybrid drive. Relying on intelligent energy management of all road conditions, the BLUE Whale iDD hybrid system can proactively judge the road conditions ahead and reserve enough power in advance through kinetic energy recovery to prolong the pure electric driving time.Uni-k iDD starts with electric power, and blue Whale NE 1.5T hybrid special engine quietly enters in medium and high speed. Compared with conventional fuel vehicles of the same class, its comprehensive NEDC range reaches 1100km, meeting the needs of users for long journeys.In addition, uni-K iDD has built-in preset modes that can be customized according to the user’s needs.Uni-k iDD engine and motor work together in preset “surging power” mode. Based on the application of core technologies such as blue Whale tri-clutch electric drive transmission, uni-K iDD performs almost the same power performance on full or on full, making it easy for users to accelerate and overtake at any time.Although is a plug-in vehicles, changan UNI – K (image) | | configuration inquiry iDD in terms of appearance and fuel edition models of the difference is not too big, is still the continuation of family “borderless” design language, modelling is full of sense of the future.Uni-k iDD features a new wheel rims, orange brake caliper housing, a new ‘iDD’ tail tag and a new hidden exhaust.The UNI-K iDD has the widest interior space in its class, a flat rear floor, and zero gravity seats, making it a comfortable ride for city commutes and long journeys.In addition, start the built-in new one-button “rest mode” function, the seat will slowly tilt back to the best Angle, at the same time playing soothing music, LCD brightness will also be dimmed, to create a comfortable and comfortable rest space for users, half in the car, body and mind to get a comprehensive relaxation.In terms of safety, the whole system is equipped with 6 airbags, including “driver airbag”, “front passenger airbag”, two “front and rear passenger 100% head covering side air curtain”, and two “shoulder, chest and abdomen protection integrated side airbags”, which form a comprehensive collision protection matrix to protect the occupants from injury.In addition, it is equipped with high performance collapsible steering string and front and rear pre-tensioned energy-absorbing seat belts to further improve the safety factor.The UNI-K iDD is also equipped with a 3.3kW external discharge and can be used in camping with portable appliances such as a coffee maker, juicer and hot pot.Uni-k iDD replaces the popular dual-screen design with a 3+1 quad-screen layout and a simpler two-spoke steering wheel for a more technological feel.The “zero gravity seat” has been replaced with a contrast color design of mori blue and gray to give it a more eye-catching edge.Uni-k IDDUNi-K iDD uses a new computing platform, equipped with the “SuperFast” high energy chip, which can be started in 4.7 seconds without long waiting time.At the same time, the new “Huoshan Car Entertainment” has been implanted in the vehicle-vehicle system, integrating the current popular apps such as Douyin and Toutiao, and equipped with OTA online upgrade and other functions.In terms of power, uni-K iDD is equipped with a blue Whale iDD hybrid system consisting of a 1.5-ton turbocharged four-cylinder engine and an electric motor. The engine has a maximum power of 170 HP and a maximum torque of 260 N · m, and the motor has a maximum power of 116 HP and a maximum torque of 330 N · m. The drivetrain is matched to the blue Whale tri-clutch electric drive transmission.NEDC has a pure electric range of 130 km and a comprehensive range of 1100 km, which fully realizes the “whole journey zero anxiety”.In the era of UNI-K iDD low carbon, hybrid power has become the technological breakthrough point for automobile brands facing the user market. From the perspective of solving the pain points of users, Changan Automobile has created blue Whale iDD hybrid power system by using the cutting-edge technology of the industry to achieve both power and economy, which is perfectly applied in any travel scenarios.For the majority of users to bring the whole “0 anxiety” driving experience.At the same time, the launch of new products and new technologies can not only seize the heights of public opinion, but also open up new sales growth points.As a plug-in hybrid, uni-K iDD not only has no anxiety in terms of mileage, but also enjoys a green license when it comes to vehicle purchase. With a starting price of less than 180,000 yuan, it is a good choice.As for the final price of the new car, the long lens will be watching.The event will run from February 9, 2022 to February 28, 2022