Why do you get side stitches when you run?What if the gas diverges?

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When we run, we sometimes get a piercing pain in the lower abdomen on the left or right side of the body, accompanied by bouts of breathing, which makes it difficult to continue moving and has to stop until the body returns to normal.This is called a “side gas”, or “exercise induced temporary pain in the lower abdomen”, which usually occurs during exercise, with running and swimming being the most common.▲ In the 2020 Tokyo Marathon, Dayu Jie suddenly went into a seizure but still insisted on winning!Why do we have a fork in the wind?What should I do after a seizure?Studies have shown that drinking drinks high in sugar and osmotic pressure before and during exercise can trigger “side gills.”Eating within half an hour of exercise can also cause side stitches.Note: if 100 grams of liquid contains more than 8 grams of sugar, we define it as a high-osmotic drink. High-osmotic drinks are not good for absorption, and the sugar water swallowed is difficult to digest.2. Improper breathing during exercise When people run, they usually change their breath every two or four steps, and the point of exhalation falls on which foot is certain to pay attention to.This is because the liver is located at the lower right side of the abdominal cavity. When the right foot comes out and exhales, the diaphragm moves up but the liver drops as the right foot comes out. At this time, the ligament stretching between the liver and the diaphragm may cause the diaphragm to spasm, resulting in “side gas” symptoms.The body’s protective response to discomfort is a sudden burst of piercing pain on the left or right side of the lower abdomen.On the contrary, exhalation becomes less likely when the left foot steps out.There are many ways to solve the problem, including moxibustion and massage. Here we have selected several simple and easy to operate methods. We can choose the method suitable for us according to our own situation.1, try to maintain “deep breathing” because the short breathing will more frequently pull the ligament on the diaphragm, so slowing down the breathing rate can effectively relieve the pain, as soon as the body back to normal state.2, spray wine therapy in the pain side of the fork, massage while spraying wine in the mouth at the pain point, can relieve spasm, and blood gas.3, beat stand straight, the pain side of the arm straight (such as the right side of the pain, extend the right hand), and then take a deep breath hold, and then the pain side of the arm as far as possible to extend in the opposite direction, repeat five or six times, and then gently beat a few times in the pain.Of course, we all certainly want to be able to exercise in a pleasant and comfortable way, as far as possible to avoid the occurrence of side gas.So, how to prevent side effects?First of all, grasp the eating time before exercise, it is best to exercise 30 minutes later after eating, at the same time to avoid drinking before exercise or exercise contains higher sugar or high osmotic pressure drinks.Secondly, do a good warm-up before exercise, raise your right hand and stretch to the left, hold for 30 seconds and then switch directions.Finally, coordinate movement and breathing. Try to take deep breaths while moving and try to keep your exhalation point on your left foot.Last but not least, these are just simple ways to deal with side stitches. If the side stitches are very serious or frequent, you should go to the hospital for professional help