The Acacia of Strange Events (End)

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There is an ancient saying: reward the gods and you will be safe, lawbreakers will not be saved.There are two people mentioned in this sentence. They are the two famous people around Yama, who are both black and white.Black impermanence name fan no save, known as seven ye.White impermanence is called Xie Pian, called eight master.Seven ye eight ye they grew up in a crotch, since childhood, fraternal.Later, however, a traitor conspired against them. In order to save the family, the two brothers hung themselves together.The seventh master turned black and the eighth master turned white, but both of them had their tongues down under their chins.That’s all for later, too.Two people entered purgatory, yama sees this 2 human feelings deep and profound righteousness, let two people come and go freely in hell and the world, gave a good job, only take the dog life of those lawless people.Here we do not put niutou Ma noodles mixed in, niuma just according to the life book on the list of the dead to lead the world back to hell.This is also from the mother here to hear, mother is mother-in-law there to hear, is also unable to verify.I looked up into the headspace and saw the black and white face hanging upside down and super close to me.And those two long tongues, dripping with blood.At this point, I almost hold my breath.The two men also carried the Death-stop sign, which, when struck, would make one’s soul go out of his body.One was dressed in black, one in pure white, with a long tongue sticking out.If this isn’t the masters of impermanence, who else is it?At that moment, my forehead exploded, not to go, not to stop.Just when I was thinking of running away, the most unbelievable thing happened. The whole space turned upside down. I followed gravity and fell into the middle of black and white.I looked up again. The sharp stones I had stepped on were now above my head.I looked at the mangled feet. I looked around again. Black and white was still standing there.Because just now I was on the sharp stone, I felt that they were hanging upside down, and now the space has changed, and we are on the same plane again. I see that there is no movement between these two men, so I crawl to the light in front of me.I can really climb three look back, afraid of two grandpa with the hand of the brand shot dead me.I clung to my mahogany sword, my last weapon of choice.It’s a fight to the death.I crawled awkwardly, the soles of my feet still aching.I ran with all my might toward the faintly glowing opening, and looked behind me to see what was happening with the grandfathers.Fortunately, the two black and white grandfathers stood in the same position as the sculptures and did not move.I wonder if this is a sculpture museum in the underworld, with black and white and impermanent statues to shock.I am in the heart is teasing, in fact, is afraid to not, want to give yourself a comfort.At last, at last, I reached an opening that looked like a window, the light stinging my eyes.I was trying to poke my head out of the hole and investigate when suddenly my legs were pulled up by powerful hands.Before I knew it, I was being dragged several metres away from the window.I swung the mahogany sword below me, trying to fight off the force.But the light was so dark that I could see only a white claw on my left foot, and nothing on my right.I was being held tight and dragged inside.Yes, black and white.They’re not sculptures, and now they’re finally after me.Where are they dragging me?I’ve been working my ass off in my head.Just then, an idea came to me.