The LATEST NBA rankings!The Warriors have a formidable opponent, the Nets and lakers are dangerous, and the East is very competitive

2022-06-16 0 By

The Nuggets beat the Nets in the NBA’s 10-game regular season.The Nets played without kyrie irving, James Harden and Kevin Durant, and the Nuggets managed to beat the Nets with jokic playing well and, more importantly, Rivers playing well.The nuggets moved into sixth place in the Western Conference and the Nets into fourth.Lone victory over Portland in today’s game, the game still more important for the lone ranger, after all, although lone ranger is fifth place in the west, but their advantage is not obvious, if you lose the game will be the nuggets overtake, fortunately, today’s game beat their lone ranger is successful,As a result, the Mavericks remain fifth in the West and the Blazers 10th.The Bulls also beat the Raptors today to move the Bulls into second place in the East, the Raptors into ninth, and the Heat into first and the Knicks into 11th.And the bucks lost to knight, in today’s game is more important is in this game the bucks is suffered a crushing defeat, the knight’s big squad caused no small impact to the elder brother of the letters, especially when the knight perimeter three points, has proven the bucks had no and lose the game after the bucks is eastern fell to fifth place,Cleveland moved into third place in the Eastern Conference.The Clippers, meanwhile, managed to beat the Magic, who took the lead through the first three quarters, but managed to pull away in the fourth quarter to move the clippers into eighth place in the Western Conference and the Magic into last place in the Eastern Conference.It can be said that the competition in the East is very fierce, after all, there is not much difference between the top six positions in the East, the first Heat is only 2.5 games ahead of the sixth Sixers in the East, and the gap between the teams below is also not big, so the east will have a big change in the next ranking.After all, the Nets are in fourth place in the Eastern Conference, and the Lakers are in ninth place in the Western Conference. It will be difficult for the Nets to hold on to fourth place in the Eastern Conference because there is no win difference between the Nets and the Bucks.Eastern 6, 76 people are only 0.5 games behind the nets as bad, and the nets in the next game will be on the road against the warriors, the sun, the nets in the face of strong teams this season, the nets now is whether it is able to overcome the two teams really bad to say, this time if the nets are not able to stop their losing streak, they may even fall to the front of the eastern 6 position.As for the lakers while leading the pioneers of the tenth western four games, but the lakers this season’s goal is to the championship, so they need to improve their ranking, but the lakers next to against 76 men, the hornets these teams, whether they can win really bad to say, but if we lose, they want to improve ranking will be more difficult.In today’s game at the same time the sun is successful beat the jazz, though some troubles, but the sun in the fourth quarter still successfully opened the score, and the sun won eight straight after winning is, such a situation the warriors rival the sun is really a procession in the position of the western conference, and now they 3.5 games ahead of the mighty men of the west.