Volkswagen’s all-electric ID. Buzz will make its official debut on March 9

2022-06-16 0 By

Volkswagen’s ID.Buzz1 concept car made its global debut at the Detroit Auto Show in late January 2017, attracting a lot of attention.Faced with the positive market response, the Volkswagen brand decided to mass-produce it, and intensive research and development work was carried out over the next five years.Now, the id. Buzz is ready to change the way electric cars are played. The new all-electric utility models ID. Buzz (five-seater version) and ID. Buzz Cargo (van version) will be officially unveiled on March 9, with production expected to begin in the first half of this year and arrive in Europe in the autumn.Id. Buzz will also be available in the United States, from New York to San Francisco.Volkswagen’s commercial vehicle brand is in the final stages of testing the ID.Buzz prototype.A test fleet of pre-production models is currently conducting extensive road trials in Europe, with final tests in cities including Barcelona, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Hamburg and Hannover.The ID. Buzz borrowings elements from vw’s legendary T1 (the original Bulli), including extremely short front and rear oversuspension, maximum room, classic two-tone upper and lower body design, and a recognizable V-shaped front face.Built on a modular electric Drive platform (MEB), both versions of the ID.Buzz are powered by 82 KWH (77 KWH net) high-voltage lithium-ion batteries, and each has a 150-kW rear-mounted motor.Top speed is 145 km/h electronic speed limit.Official range has not yet been disclosed.Like the original Bulli, the ID. Buzz uses rear-wheel drive and is flexible to handle, delivering up to 310 N · m of peak torque when the motor starts up.On the other hand, the battery pack is located under the body floor, resulting in a very low center of gravity height.In addition, the ID. Buzz turns just over 11 meters in diameter thanks to its excellent design.This year’s ID.Buzz and ID.Buzz Cargo are both standard wheelbase (2,988mm) and have a length of 4, is 1,937mm tall and comes with large glass;Due to the difference in chassis height, the ID.Buzz Cargo has a height of 1,938mm.Both ID.Buzz models are 1,985mm wide (excluding the external mirrors).The five-seat version of id. Buzz IKEA can carry up to 1,121 litres of luggage even when full.The three-seat ID. Buzz Cargo has a bulkhead behind the front seats and a maximum compartment capacity of more than 3.9 cubic metres.A longer wheelbase and more flexible interior layout will be added in the coming year.The ID.Buzz also comes with large tires with a diameter of 750 mm and rim specifications of 18 to 21 inches.With the latest version of the ID. software, all of the future ID. Buzz family will also be available with “plug and charge” functionality, as well as a new feature for two-way charging.In addition, id. Buzz and all id. family models are available for software updates via OTAs, including updates to infotainment systems, charging or driver assistance functions.