Yangxin County Rural Revitalization Bureau to improve efficiency and vigorously promote the poverty alleviation project asset operation management standards

2022-06-16 0 By

The public network, poster journalists Liu Dianzhang Binzhou, the report on the afternoon of February 18, yangxin rural revitalization of the bureau in the county agricultural bank to watch the entire province people “qilu borrowed” to start the video conference and yangxin poverty alleviation project assets operation management promotion month “norm” scheduling meetings and yangxin inefficient idle asset specification for poverty alleviation and to improve analysis.Liu Xizhu, deputy director of county commission office, deputy director of county Agriculture Office and deputy director of county Rural Revitalization Bureau attended the meeting. Li Dawei, Deputy director of county rural revitalization Bureau, Feng Yancui arranged and deployed the work in charge. Responsible comrades of town office and responsible comrades of agricultural Bank attended the meeting.Liu Xizhu required that the town office in the extensive publicity of “Qilu rich people’s loan” products based on the focus of poverty alleviation households, grain farmers and the main operators of poverty alleviation projects publicity, will be “Qilu rich people’s loan” and the use of linking funds together.At the same time, take this as an opportunity to do a good job in rural credit investigation, strengthen the construction of rural integrity, and promote rural governance.Conference issued assets operation management for poverty alleviation “specification increase” task file table, Liu Xizhu requirements, to the poverty alleviation project assets operation management standard ascension work further refinement, each session key meeting, relevant form submitted, highlight projects make clear time nodes and work standard, the inefficient idle assets out of the hard measures for poverty alleviation, thoroughly solve the problems,High intensity to the town office conduction work pressure, resolutely put an end to perfunctory rectification.Yangxin County poverty alleviation project asset operation management standard promotion activity as the city’s first poverty alleviation project asset operation management supervision activity, county and Rural Revitalization Bureau has the confidence and ability to fight this battle, with practical actions to implement poverty alleviation project asset consolidation achievements and rural revitalization effective connection.