Condor Heroes, this person is extremely high kung fu, three masters by his influence became the first in the world!

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In jin Yong martial arts, martial arts is the best in the world is the life of the people of the martial arts, become the best in the world, whether it is identity, or status, or fame and wealth, can be greatly satisfied.But the world is not so easy to get.And today we want to talk about the hero, this person is very high, the three masters by his influence became the first in the world.Speaking of which, I don’t know if you can guess who is the master in the return of the Condor Heroes?Actually this ace is wang Chongyang’s first love cummer Lin Chaoying.Everyone knows that Lin zhaoying fighting skill is extremely high, the strength is very strong, compared with the east evil huang2 yao4 shi, west poison sun feng in Europe, south emperor Duan Zhi xing, north gai hong seven, compared with the first wang2 zhong4 yang2 of huashan mountain, can say not tactically, visible this Lin zhaoying of kung fu is very severe, fighting skill is very high.So why said Lin Chaoying achievement of three martial arts the first master?Tell me about it.Above all this first ace is Wang Chongyang.As we all know, that year Huashan sword, Wang Chongyang world war I famous, in Huashan very top and the rest of the four great battle for seven days and seven nights, finally took the first, won the world’s first name, and got the “Nine Yin Zhen Jing”, become a generation of people’s attention, and quickly into the arena of the first line of martial arts stars.And the reason why Wang Chongyang was able to take the first place in huashan Lunjian, actually this and Lin Chaoying has a great relationship.As everybody knows, the remaining four unique, in addition to huang, is a bachelor, did not match their strength player can carry on the pre-game simulation with them, and wang2 zhong4 yang2 is different, wang2 zhong4 yang2 forests towards the sparring with him, find out wang2 zhong4 yang2 fighting skill, and gradually perfect, with the help of Lin zhaoying, wang2 zhong4 yang2 huashan mountain eventually won the second to none.Say so, Lin Chaoying has great influence on Wang Chongyang to win the first place in the world.So another affected by Lin Chaoying become the world’s first master is who?Actually this ace is Wang Chongyang’s teacher younger brother Zhou Botong.However, it was not Zhou Botong directly influenced by Lin Chaoying, but indirectly influenced by Wang Chongyang.As we all know, Zhou Botong had not seen the master, his master died, so zhou Botong although wang Chongyang’s younger brother, but in fact Wang Chongyang’s generation of skills, so Zhou Botong’s body skills, martial arts are taught by Wang Chongyang.Later east evil huang2 yao4 shi’s father was shut in the peach blossom island, the father in the face of loneliness, lonely, cold environment, so have no matter to study martial arts, will wang2 zhong4 yang2 taught him a set of things to go over it again, finally makes around seventy 2 chooses some boxing tube, and such supernatural powers, then came the guo jing, with guo jing worshipped the traverse to the child, but also learned “nine Yin true through”,The strength is further improved, the martial arts has far exceeded the East evil Huang Medicine master, the West poison Ouyang Feng, the South Emperor Duan Zhixing, the North Gai Hong seven gong four absolutely, become the second Huashan jianjian everyone unspoken martial arts first in the world.If Zhou Botong became the no.1 in the world is indirectly influenced by Lin Chaoying, then the third to become the no.1 in the world is directly influenced by Lin Chaoying, then who is this master?In fact, this master is the Divine eagle Yang Guo.Yang Guo, the divine condor, as we all know, in the return of the Divine Condor Heroes, martial arts is the most powerful, is the third huashan sword in the world.Why do you say that?As we know, Guo Xiang jumped off the cliff with Yang Guo in the Valley of Unfeeling. Zhou Botong and Duan Zhixing, the emperor of The South, mistakenly thought that The King of Jinlunfa had done so, so they beat the King of Jinlunfa together, but they only managed to draw with the king of Jinlunfa. Later, Huang Yaoshi joined the battle sequence, and the King of Jinlunfa was overpowered.But later the King of The Golden Wheel caught Guo Xiang, Guo Jing for the king of the Golden wheel did not have a sure grasp of victory, so he chose to take the overall situation into account, not directly against the King of the Golden wheel, and Yang Guo emergency moment, the decisive battle of the Golden wheel, with a set of dejure ecstasy palm will hit the king of the Golden wheel mouth blood, five big wheels to eat, broken a ground.Therefore, it can be seen that Yang Guo’s strength is better than that of Dongxie, Nandi, Guo Jing and Zhou Botong, so Yang Guo is actually the first in the world in the third Huashan Jianshu.And everybody knows, Yang Guo did not receive any authentic martial arts training in quanzhen education, it is in the tomb, got Lin Chaoying authentic martial arts edify, laid a solid martial arts foundation finally, also laid a solid foundation for Yang Guo to become the first one in the world.So to sum up, Lin Chaoying is very fierce, the three masters by his influence became the first in the world!