Don’t qualified!Multiple well-known brands involved!You probably use it, too

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On February 8, the State Administration for Market Regulation notified the unqualified situation of eyeglasses product spot check. The designated manufacturer involved “Jialiang Optics”, “Yashi”, “Haines Morris”, “Dahong Optics”, “Hengshi”, “Kangshi Optics” and “Venxi Optics”……This spot check involves 702 batches of products produced by 702 enterprises 1 batch of sunglasses products suspected of counterfeit 45 batches of products unqualified unqualified found rate 6.4% Presbyopic glasses (presbyopic glasses) 6 batches of products unqualified found rate 6.6%.Nominal production units involved: danyang development zone National Day glasses factory linhai city catalpa yue glasses factory in yiwu naz glasses factory vibration of taizhou jiaojiang glasses factory co., LTD., zhejiang taizhou xiu Ming glasses beautiful bright optical glasses co., LTD., unqualified project involves the ball lens focal degree deviation, column top focal lens, the optical center of the deviation level distance tolerance, the optical center unilateral tolerance.According to the analysis of technical institutions, the main reasons for unqualified products are immature processing technology, low technical level of assembly personnel, lax quality control of enterprises and lack of necessary factory inspection.19 batches of sunglasses were found to be unqualified, with a detection rate of 9.1%.The nominal production unit involves:Shanghai jas glasses co., LTD., Shanghai HaoQi industry co., LTD., Haynes morris (Shanghai) commercial co., LTD., Shanghai ive glasses co., LTD. Danyang development zone jiahao optical glasses factory taizhou kam lung glasses co., LTD. Taizhou jiaojiang better national wealth glasses factory taizhou jiaojiang east yida glasses factory Wan Zhuo glasses co., LTD., linhai city, taizhou city, glasses factory in taizhou pepperJiang area geely glasses factory taizhou jiaojiang hong yu glasses factory co., LTD. Taizhou linhai city hong ji glasses Carla miro glasses co., LTD., big hong optical (xiamen) co., LTD., xiamen hong HLCC optical technology co., LTD. Xiamen seal has industry &trade co., LTD. Shenzhen heng view glasses co., LTD fast fashion (guangzhou) co., LTD., is not qualified project involves visible light transmittance, light transmission is relativeDeviation, frame requirements (sweat corrosion resistance), lens material and surface quality, solar UV-A transmittance.According to the analysis of the technical organization, the main reasons for the unqualified are the poor quality of the raw materials selected by the manufacturer, the lax quality control of the purchased lens, the insufficient precision of the manufacturing process, and the products can not meet the design requirements and standard requirements.Glasses lens 14 batches of unqualified products, unqualified detection rate is 8.0%.The nominal production unit involves:Yat hin glasses factory danyang danyang Stuart town Wan Hong optical glasses co., LTD., danyang, optometry glasses co., LTD., jiangsu heng chang optical glasses co., LTD., jiangsu brahman and optical glasses co., LTD. Danyang constant into glasses factory jiangsu cammy optical glasses co., LTD. Zhenjiang dantu district was new glasses factory in jiangsu fine rock optical glasses co., LTD., jiangsu sea than a true optical lens co., LTD., jiangsu honLinhai Renren Optical Glasses Co., LTD. The unqualified rate of the product in the recent 3 years of national supervision and spot check was 12.1%, 10.3% and 8.0% respectively.Nonconforming items include dispersion coefficient, reference point thickness, thickness deviation, lens size, visible transmittance, solar ULTRAVIOLET BAND A transmittance, solar ULTRAVIOLET band B transmittance, and express transmittance.According to the analysis of technical institutions, the main reasons for unqualified products are that enterprises do not understand the product standards or factory inspection is not in place, mismark product parameters, and use inferior materials or cheap technology to save the cost of lens coating.Glasses frame 6 batches of unqualified products, unqualified detection rate is 2.6%.Nominal production units involved, danyang big mooring town lida glasses factory danyang development zone HaoXiang glasses factory danyang glasses co., LTD., danyang development zone, depending on the peak Mick glasses factory linhai city wei and glasses co., LTD., linhai city conway glasses factory the product for nearly three years national supervision and spot checks found unqualified rate were 16.3%, 2.8% and 2.6% respectively.Nonconforming items related to tensile performance, sweat corrosion resistance.According to the analysis of the technical organization, the main reason for the unqualified is that the welding materials used by the enterprise are of poor quality or the welding process is not up to standard, and the raw materials used are easy to corrosion or discoloration.Source: New Evening News Comprehensive China Consumer News · China Consumer Network