Strengthening the party’s leadership is the guarantee of high quality and efficient development

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Strengthening the leadership of the Party is the Guarantee of high quality and efficient Development — On carrying out the spirit of the second Plenary Session of the seventh Session of the Municipal Party Committee and the Economic Work Conference of the Municipal Party CommitteeAt the beginning of striving to build a provincial sub-central city, our city has anchored its economic targets, decided on key points and raised the benchmark, which is exciting.Municipal economic work conference clearly put forward, strengthen the leadership of the Party, to ensure high-quality and efficient development, but also the city’s economic work smoothly to provide a fundamental guarantee.To achieve high-quality and efficient development, we need to strengthen political responsibility.Political responsibility is a distinctive political character of Communists, an important criterion for good cadres in the new era, and an inevitable requirement for promoting economic and social development.”Economic work is the central task, and the Leadership of the Party must be fully reflected in the central task.”The party organizations at all levels in the city, the broad masses of party members and cadres, must be “head of the country”, insist on everything about politics, good at thinking in political vision observation, analysis, and solve the problem of economy, strengthen the party’s leadership over the economic work, earnestly implement the new concept of development, adhere to seek improvement in stability work always tone, grasp the basic requirement to quality development,We will unswervingly give top priority to promoting high-quality, efficient and leapfrog development, and ensure that our economic work always moves in the right political direction.At the same time, the city’s party organizations at all levels, the majority of party members and cadres should guide all levels and departments consciously around the economic construction of the center, as a whole the forces of all parties, to jointly grasp the economic work of the “rope”.We need to make our economy bigger, better structured, and better quality. At the same time, we need to do everything we can to create more jobs, raise the quality of employment and income of our people, improve the quality of our workforce and productivity, and raise our people’s sense of fulfillment.To achieve high-quality and efficient development, we must enhance our ability to control it.To do a good job, he must sharpen his tools.Party members and cadres at all levels in the city should always maintain a sense of crisis of ability panic and ability panic, learn to do, do middle school, especially to improve the ability to lead economic work.We should not only study economics and science to enhance our professional competence, but also study history, enhance cultural heritage, strengthen ecological awareness, uphold the people’s position, and enhance our all-round ability to control development.At present, the city’s party members and cadres control the ability of the biggest test, is the key work can give color, daily work to ensure the operation, the bottom line work is not an accident.For the elders of wood, will be solid its root;Those who wish to flow far must dredge their springs.In particular, leading officials at all levels should have a thorough understanding of the people-centered development philosophy, uphold the correct view of their performance in government work, and constantly improve their leadership over economic work. They should stand tall, take a long-term view, look deep into the future, and think truly. They should learn well, think well, and plan well.To achieve high-quality and efficient development, we must strictly supervise and assess.Whether we can accomplish the annual targets and tasks to the letter depends on whether we can not let all the work fall into place.Start to realize the economy development, annual red, it is necessary to further play to the supervision appraisal “baton” function “barometer”, give full play to the municipal party committee supervision function, the integration of supervision power, adopt the mode of “four two straight”, “ten big strategies”, city of province “ten big action” to carry out routine supervision for a long period of time, promote efficient closed-loop and struggle first-class working environment.Supervision is not only the process of checking the effectiveness of work and the level of work style, but also the process of discovering and solving problems.To a large extent, the degree of supervision determines how effective the work will be.The meeting proposed to carry out accurate supervision, implementation of integral month ranking system, and to unify the inspection results and the performance evaluation results, use with group assessment, cadre, civilized units, to create the link, distinctively encourages to develop for, accountability has been implemented for, support good do nothing, it’s for the whole city built to overcome difficulties, work hit high intense atmosphere.He who is in the same boat wins.The construction of provincial sub-center city is a heavy responsibility, let us unite more closely around the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, under the strong leadership of the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, according to the arrangement and deployment of the Municipal Party committee, strive for progress, strive for first-class, and add luster to the overall situation of the province with the brilliance of Nanyang.Editor: Feng Changshun Review: Li Ping Final review: Bai Banxue