According to the official history of The Three Kingdoms, Huang Zhong was not good at shooting. Guan Yu’s forehead was hit by another arrow

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The history of The Three Kingdoms has different opinions.Mentioned three sharpshooter, is known as YuanMen shoot ji lu bu, huang zhong guan yu helmet tassel by an arrow, and zhaoyun can have GongShan shot, then read through the reflection “startling discovery, zhaoyun and huang zhong was not good at bow shot records, according to the reflection · closed horse Huang Zhaochuan” records, changsha guan yu with huang zhong is no overlap between the first world war,In fact, guan Yu in the arrow of another person, today we will talk about those hidden in the history of The Three Kingdoms in the dust.In the Annals of The Three Kingdoms, there are less than 30 people who are good at shooting, and many of them are excellent marksmen who let us expect.Cao Cao, the suspicious treacherous people left a deep impression, historical records “Taizu brilliant, hand shot birds, bow birds of prey, taste in nanpi a day shot pheasant won 63 head.”It seems that Cao Cao personally led the northern and southern war in addition to his formidable general, their own strength is also a rely on.Cao PI, a typical civil and military versatile, learned archery at the age of five and was able to ride and shoot at the age of nine. Once he personally killed 9 milu deer and more than 30 hares in one day.Therefore, sanguo zhi appraised him as “good at riding and shooting, good at fencing.”Dingyuan, in the film and television work did not two sets on the box lunch, did not think of the official history from the county small officials step by step by the war to climb up, every battle is the first to rush into the enemy, “The Annals of The Three Kingdoms” records “Dingyuan has martial courage, good riding and shooting.”He was also a marksman.There was also an interesting person, Lu Xi, king of Wu Wan, cao Cao sent him to camp in Chiyang, but his wife was arranged by Cao Cao in Taiyuan, he did not say it was actually detained as a hostage, but he really missed his wife so much that he slipped into the city alone to pick up his wife, was found by the soldiers in the city, unexpectedly “afraid of Past good shooting, dare not chase.”I don’t know what kind of archery it is that makes people afraid of his archery.Cao Zhang, with the good name of “Yellow beard son”, had chased and shot on the battlefield, should the string and fell a large area, chasing hundreds of miles of record, “The Annals of The Three Kingdoms” evaluation of him “little good at shooting, brawn superhuman, hand the beast, do not avoid dangers and obstacles.So on The Three Kingdoms official that I think could rank in the top five of the chosen few, fifth, dong zhuo, in film and television work should be an ugly fat man, you couldn’t see the brave, but in the history of practice in the process of young travel qiang a skilled skills, after all, in each tribe can get recognition, reward is alone can’t do,He was the only marksman to be able to fire his bow left and right in the Annals of The Three Kingdoms. ‘ ‘Chief of fire under two positions,’ ‘he said.Hence the list.Fourth place, Lu Su.Most people thought he was a civil officer, but he was a master archer.”Wu Shu” recorded: “since the plant shield, lead the bow shot, arrow hole penetration.”It is about Lu Su being chased after by Yuan Shu. As a result, Lu Su turned around in anger and shot arrows, and each arrow pierced the soldiers’ shields!The aim and the force are amazing.Third, Lu Bu, biography of Lu Bu in the Annals of The Three Kingdoms on yuanmen shooting halberd is well documented, can be two hundred steps away, accurate hit halberd small branch, the target is much smaller than the shield, so ranked in front of Lu Su.Second place, Pound.”Records of The Three Kingdoms” in the record: “pro and feather fighting, shooting plume in the forehead.Shi De often rides on a white horse, and yu Jun calls him a white horse general.This bridge section is familiar with it, it seems that Luo Guanzhong is to put this plot later on huang Zhong body, an arrow hit Guan Yu’s helmet, moving target accuracy amazing, head shot to play slip.The first, Tai Shi Ci, early in return for Kong Rong alone to break through the rescue troops, in the face of the pursuer shot dozens of people.The most classic is, “the thief in tun li on the upstairs line, with Lou Fen in hand, kind lead bow shot, arrow in hand with Fen, surrounded by thousands of good.That is to say, the two armies were facing each other. On the wall of the city, the enemy would scold by holding his hand on the crossbeam. Tai Shi Ci nailed the enemy’s hand on the crossbeam with an arrow.