Leshan Jingr: Adhere to the problem-oriented, focus on the “village” reform

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Jingyan County seriously implement leshan city organization system “ten actions” deployment requirements, do real Party building leading two reform “second half” article, in the city took the lead in carrying out “work not out of the village” reform pilot, promote convenient services to extend to the village level, through the service of grassroots people “the last meter”.We should guide the building of the quasi-Party at the core and solve the problem of “who will run the party”.The “no. 1” master grasps and pushes.County party secretary personally grasp, has held more than 10 special meetings to study the deployment, in charge of county leaders in-depth town village group survey more than 20 times, the implementation of 15 county leaders package town village deep dig the real needs of the masses, the formation of the “county party chief, department linkage, integrated promotion” work pattern.”Billing system” stubble pushing forward.We issued a list of responsibilities for the work related to “failing to get things done”, set out 23 targets and tasks in a phased manner, made clear who should be held accountable and when they should be completed, and transmitted work pressure through the “list system + accountability system”.Take the lead in “Party organizations”.A “three-dimensional” service mechanism has been established with village Party organizations as the core, village officials as agents, and Party members as volunteers as liaison officers. Twenty-three “village primary and secondary” service teams have been set up, and more than 80 “Pioneer and demonstration posts for Party members” have been created, realizing the transformation of the role of “the masses talking and party members running the errand”.Focus on devolution and solve the “what to do” question.Service process standardization.The Compilation of Jingyan County Guidelines on “Research for the Common People, Not Getting Things Done out of The Village” was issued to clarify 56 items of services for the convenience of the people, streamline handling procedures and more than 50 certification materials, and achieve “one seal in charge of examination and approval, one set of procedures in charge of services, and one window in charge of all services”.Service means informatization.Actively promote the application of “Tianfu Tongdo” and “Sichuan Government Affairs Service Network” to achieve 100% online handling rate of government affairs in the fields of people’s livelihood, such as medical insurance, social security and real estate.High service efficiency.Eight closely related services, such as social security and civil affairs, were extended to rural areas, and the review process was carried out at the county, town and village levels, with a speed of over 70%.We should strengthen the guarantee of basic elements and solve the problem of “doing well”.Facilities are fully funded.Take the lead in sinking matters, equipment and systems to the village level in the whole city, equipped with the necessary infrastructure such as high camera and gold protection network.We have developed and issued measures for the management of incentive and assessment, established a unified funding mechanism of “minimum guarantee plus assessment”, and realized that “money follows the situation”, effectively solving the problem of “cash-poor services” at the grassroots level.Staff training.Using manxi cadre lecture hall, grassroots Party school and other training positions, we have carried out more than 147 times of training at all levels and more than 300 person-times of online learning and training, effectively improving the professional quality and comprehensive ability of party members and cadres.Mutual learning and mutual learning are the ultimate test.We carried out three sessions of mutual learning and mutual learning activities, organizing 15 towns (subdistricts) and relevant county-level departments to carry out mutual learning and mutual evaluation, testing the effectiveness of work, improving work methods, and creating a good atmosphere for learning and catching up.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com