People’s Daily online published handan Fuxing district to unlock the Spring Festival “new” flavor “local tour” more fun

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People’s Daily Online Shijiazhuang February 2, local Chinese New Year, the taste of the year is not reduced.During the Spring Festival, The Fuxing District of Handan, Hebei province, frequently showed “big tricks” to unlock the “new” flavor of the Spring Festival, so that the local Spring Festival is more festive, more warm.On the first day of the New Year, in handan Garden Expo Park, Fuxing ·1957 Art Street area, Defeng Ecological Park and other scenic spots, fuxing district held a number of cultural activities with the theme of “our Chinese dream – Handan City, Renaissance Year”, which attracted local citizens to play.The re-opened Handan Garden Expo Park has implemented online and offline ticket purchasing. Visitors entering the park are required to wear masks, show their health code and venue code, and cooperate with the staff to take their temperatures.During the Spring Festival, the expo garden held food tasting, game booths, scattered performances, children’s stage plays, traditional folk art performances and other activities.Meanwhile, at the Renaissance 1957 Arts District, the minion Ice Carnival is in full swing.The ski resort is made of artificial snow to make it soft and clean. There are super ski trails and a hippie area, where adults and children can experience different kinds of fun.In addition, the activities held in defeng Ecological Park, such as go-kart, snow play park, temple fair performance, adorable pet tribe, snow play, archaeological exploration, etc., also highlight the different Spring Festival.Editor in charge: Wang Jieren