When old and ill, it is not difficult for children

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The children and grandchildren on the New Year’s eve came to see him with great joy. Though old and sick, they could not be in high spirits, but a house full of people coming for you must be happy.You are, after all, staggering off with walking, and you are obliged to do your own food and lodging.Add to this the fact that your children always accompany you and wait on you.You shouldn’t embarrass your children by making noise and running around.After listening to this account, I was not impressed.When my mother was 93, she fell, broke her hip, and never got up again.The doctor said it was the last break in life, which means there is no cure.Mother must not know the truth.Mother never despondent, always looking forward to the day when she could stand up again.We told her every day that it would be all right after a period of time, and he nodded.When I fell down, it was autumn, and we just talked about Chinese New Year.After the New Year, we are talking about the spring when it is good.She was still hoping.Over and over again, when will it be good?We said we could take it easy.Mother lay in bed, calm and calm.Eat what you eat, drink what you drink.We talked to her, enticed her to stories of the past, of the distant past.She said that the work in the production team was so hard and tired, but also survived.Life is good now.Good day is not enough, how to fall down again, lying on the bed can not get up, more annoying.Then mother got a little worried.We bought more plasters for her.In fact, we know that this is a comfort sticker, will not work.Mother was very happy, lying on the bed, beating the rhythm, singing over and over again.I recorded the ditty sung by my mother and told it to my colleagues.Colleagues say the old man has such a good memory.When someone was with her, she sang songs happily and told stories to everyone.Sing and listen to yourself when no one else is around.Mother loves to hum songs.A ballad goes on and on.The first and second humming was word for word.Sometimes I learn to say it again, deliberately say a wrong place, she listened to me in time to correct.Then we laughed.Sometimes he even memorized his multiplication tables.Sometimes she talked about her money, and said, “I’ve saved so much money, let me turn it over and see if I’m right.”Once mother took out a purse from her pocket and took out two dollars. She said she wanted to spend it in the first two days, but the seller ran too fast to catch up with her and did not spend the money.Say when young want to spend money, now old spend money again so difficult.I fell down and I couldn’t spend my money.Finish finish, self-deprecating smile.Shook his head regretfully, but did not depress.To this day, when I see my mother’s purse, I can’t stop crying.Mother is always too shy to say what she wants to eat. She tells stories or brings up things from the past.Say which year which month which day, what what eat really delicious, up to now also forget.We bought it or made it her way.She said, “Why bother? Why spend that money?”We said, afraid you regret it.He said not I regret, is afraid that you do not regret.What a humorous old man!My big heart, funny, super memory mother!In this way, mother stayed in bed for two whole years.To say the most troublesome, that is, the requirement to turn over frequently.In addition, never noisy, not difficult for children.Nor cry out in pain.My good mother is so understanding!Too much thought for children!Mother died, 95 years old, peacefully.Mother pain, bear their own.Not hard for us, make us more painful, more self-blame.I think I’m getting old.Ill, bedridden, must learn from the mother, never embarrass their children.In this way, the child will be left with a memory.(The fifth day of the fifth lunar month, the second day of The start of Spring)