Police staged a textbook rescue after a woman fell into an icy lake in Baoding, China

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As we all know, the East Lake is particularly busy this year, and many citizens regard it as a natural skating rink. However, as early as January 15, some netizens raised doubts about the safety of the East Lake, followed by a series of accidents, but they could not stop people’s enthusiasm for “favoring tiger Mountain”.This is not, the third year (February 3) afternoon, east lake and double 叒 had an accident, a woman fell into the ice can not get out of the trapped, critical moment, the way here the public security police quickly rushed to the ice lake and staged a textbook rescue.Graph:A girl fell into the lake to save themselves from the video on the Internet, you can see, a woman more than half the body falls into the water, struggling and trying to climb to the top of the ice, but fragile ice, a slight crushing stress occurs, women’s emotions out of control and gradually brought into tears to loudly cry for help, a lot of onlookers had already gathered at the shore, but because not familiar with ice water,Although we also worry for the woman but no one dares to rush to the rescue.”I was concentrating on the woman and suddenly I saw a man in the river. I thought it was another person falling into the river, but when I saw the young man’s movements, I realized he was going to rescue her.”According to witness Mr Li, the man who fell into the water is about 35 or 36 years old, in the process of getting close to the drowning person, he showed very professional movements:”Small hands down all the ice on the front break, then took the other people throw to swim ring and goals, the whole people climb on the ice, crawled up to woman, will be in the hands of a life buoy threw in the past, then slowly back, side side to back, the woman probably four minutes of time, successful people to save up, you beside looking at straight clap.”After watching the video, some netizens praised the rescue operation as textbook.It is understood that the brave man named Zhao Yanlei, baoding Public Security Bureau network security detachment of the police, happened to pass by the East Lake, saw someone trapped in the lake, took off his coat and rushed past.Zhao yanlei, who did not identify himself after the rescue, only learned of his kindness while chatting with colleagues.The picture shows the scene of Zhao Yanlei’s rescue: While praising the police officer, I would like to tell the general public that the temperature has risen significantly, and the ice of east Lake is more fragile. For the sake of life safety, how about another way of entertainment?In order to prevent people from playing on the ice, the functional department also made a certain reminder, but have been treated as a decoration source: xiaokanbo government story statement: this article copyright is the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com